01/07 - MetaFactory Roadmap 2021

:robot: Call Summary

  • Sync everyone on recent achievement and 2021 goals for MF

:hammer_and_pick: Main goal

  • Discuss 2021 MF Roadmap (Medium article)
  • Product launch recaps + Winston Chmielinski [Weseeclearly] intro

:boom: Bullet points

  • 100k sales reached
  • Recent launches suffering a bit from ETH price surge, dutch auction should see about that.
  • Partnership with Mandem Streetwear to activate new synergies for MF.
  • Enabling more designers and crypto communities is today’s MF main focus
  • Curation game to be implemented by end of Q1

:gear: Action Items

  • MF will reward community members for their involvement with marketing and operations, reach out if you would like to help.
  • For designers looking to collaborate with MF, please submit your product idea / draft in Discord for discussion.