01/07 - MF x Coin_Artist (n0ty0urc0in)

:robot: Call Summary

  • MF x Coin_artist partnership to be kickstarted with n0ty0urc0in campaign

:hammer_and_pick: Main goal

  • Have “Coin E-Den” storefront set-up by February and offer tiered packages to Coin_artist supporters.
  • First product offering include physi-digital products and NFTs.

:telescope: Scope

  • Coin Eden storefront to kickstart MF x coin_artist partnership.
  • Direct sales to be implemented first
  • Dutch auctions / bidding / curation games might explored further down along with NFT hodler perks.

:gear: Action Items

  • Get more NYC designs (Armors, stickers, beanies)
  • Set Tiered offer & visual merch
  • Set-up shop
  • Start campaign

:boom: Next steps

  • Finalize tiered offers (Project Lead YuurinBee)
  • MF to set-up store
  • Next call beginning of February

Idea: someone farms an NFT from https://coinartist.io/farm and is able to tie it to a QR code on a laptop sticker. That would be a fun flex :slightly_smiling_face:

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I like that idea, a $Robot NFT Farm would be lit :fire:

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