2023 ROBOT Distro + Roadmap to V2 Tokenomics

Authors: MetaFactory Gardeners


Reduce supply of ROBOT by sunsetting buyer rewards + increase demand with staking mechanics, ROBOT exclusive drops, and additional perks / utility.

Official Vote on Snapshot


Since the launch of MetaFactory, $ROBOT has been leveraged as the primary governance mechanic of the DAO and heavily distributed via buyer rewards as an onboarding mechanic to reward supporters of the MetaFactory vision of a decentralized headless brand – a factory of factories. $ROBOT has also been used to reward designers, collaborating brands, operations and labor.

Just last month we hit the $1.6m revenue threshold in the distribution schedule, which triggered the next buyer/designer reward distribution as follows:

  • 3929.9 ROBOT to Buyers
  • 2146.4 ROBOT to Designers
  • Total 6076.3 ROBOT in this distribution to 813 unique wallets

This distribution is now available to claim at my.metafactory.ai


To begin transitioning towards longterm token sustainability and healthy growth, there has been discussions on scaling back token distributions and introducing “token sinks” for increased utility / demand. This proposal outlines some initial changes to ROBOT tokenomics that will set the stage for a larger “v2 tokenomics” revamp in the future.

Current Metrics:

  • Circulating Supply: 220,525
  • Maximum Supply: 420,000

Primary proposed change to tokenomics (for vote):

  • Sunset buyer rewards moving forward
  • Direct fiat revenue share with designers / brands to reduce ROBOT sell pressure

Future direction (for feedback / discussion):

  1. Introduce ROBOT staking mechanics for discounts and other perks/rewards
    • Stake X ROBOT for Y months = unlock 5-40% discount on all drops
    • Get an exclusive NFT representing your stake, used as a token gate for other experiences / increased governance weight
    • Periodic giveaways of physical / digital goods and explore curated benefits with aligned partners
  2. Debut exclusive products and experiences around $ROBOT
    • Digital only drops purchased in ROBOT
    • Spend ROBOT to get MF VRM avatar NFTs to customize with your wearables
  3. Continue work on Curation Game via MetaFactory’s web3 native multiplayer design tool
    • New design tool from Twisted and Team for web3 native collaborative merch design interface. Chat + file sharing + realtime multiplayer 3d layout and visualization + asset packs with built in licencing = anyone can go from idea to product in a single interface, drops curated via ROBOT token.
    • Alpha Leak:

Would love to get feedback from others on these ideas, and hear other potential ways to improve ROBOT tokenomics!


Overall very supportive of the direction here. My only suggestion would be to consider staking ROBOT/WETH 80/20 Balancer LP instead of ROBOT. This would help deepen ROBOT on-chain liquidity and provide more revenue streams to stakers (swap fees, BAL emissions). Happy to discuss more details if interested!

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In terms of token sinks and motivators for getting people to stake and lock tokens - revenue sharing is always something i’ve found to be the clearest and cleanest way to bring value to a token. Is this something that Metafactory could potentially do?

I believe we’d like to migrate the pool a bit later, possibly to uniswap. So building a fairly robust staking system with worthwhile incentives + additional $ROBOT sinks would open up some flexibility going forward with an updated approach to the tokenomics. Could also allow for a raise or alternative funding if it makes sense. Then definitely need a focus on the LP benefits and bolstering a culture around the token that’s legitimate organic demand and engagement.

Gets pretty tricky from a tax and accounting perspective for operating a legitimate business on the backend of the DAO. We’re working on a fully web3 drop flow that will be NFT first with on-chain automated splits for more premium drops – this would improve designer/brand/tech split accounting. Could potentially facilitate rev share, but you’d still be left with a headache w/ a per product based rev split w/ gas to dish out nominal amounts to a ton of different addys. Net sales easiest but you also have quite a bit of disparity on margins and profit between different drops.

@METADREAMER very excited we’re closing this loop! I’ll be getting more involved to help land the conviction voting or whatever other backend y’all want to implement