3D Avatar Workshops

For virtual productions and the interview series discussed we’ll need to supply peeps with their own avatars. I’m down to host a few avatar workshops in which we can go through options, how to DIY something, and Q/A.

Here are the fastest avatar options we can do:

  • Cryptovoxels avatar export
    • Can add a mouth with visemes
  • VRoid Studio
    • Recommended route to build custom avatar
    • Can add Cryptovoxels wearables to it
  • Meebits
    • Can add a mouth with visemes
  • Cryptoavatars

Custom Avatars
If you have ideas of what sort of avatar you want that doesn’t fit any of the above types, start a hackmd with notes and reference images of what you’re looking for prior to the avatar workshop.

If one of us rolls a robot DNA during the CloneX reveal then perhaps we can make derivatives and wearables on it. RTFKT studios says that CloneX NFTs come with commercial rights.