Airdrop Ops/Gov and WSC membership tokens

Spreadsheet for ROBOT allocations

Official Vote on Snapshot:

Now that we have distributed the initial ROBOT to genesis members, it’s time to finalize the Ops/Gov and WSC member distribution.

Please forgive me if I got any details here wrong, or if I missed anyone. Feel free to post here to DM me to correct the mistake or to get added to this list if you made any significant contributions early on. This allocation is only for retroactive distribution for any contributions that happened before ~September, the 12,000 Ops/Gov tokens for the $50k - $100k sales milestone are not included in this and will be distributed in a similar fashion once we hit that milestone.

I added a poll in here just to get a general sentiment check, but if there’s no major concerns or blockers by Monday I will put it up for official vote on Snapshot. Will keep the voting period open until Friday for this one since its a more significant decision and I want everyone to have time to read it and give their 2gwei.

For WickedSundayClub (15k ROBOT total):

  • 5000 ROBOT to TwistedVacancy as the creator of WSC and designer of the genesis shirt
  • 536 ROBOT to each of the 28 members that have redeemed their season pass. Anyone who hasn’t redeemed the pass must redeem it before getting their share of ROBOT.
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For Ops/Gov (36k ROBOT total):

  • 19,250 ROBOT to @burningfiat for leading the project over the last 10+ months and risking ~$70k out of pocket as startup capital + time/effort. He was not paid anything from MF.
  • 8,430 ROBOT to @METADREAMER for also leading the project over last 10 months and acting as creative director + “CTO”. Over 600 hours + ~$5k out of pocket contribution. He was not paid anything from MF.
  • 3,000 ROBOT to the FLOC team (@esepuntoge and @nosoccomtothom) for leading the branding and visual design of MetaFactory, building our homepage, and continued involvement in developing our narrative, managing social channels, and assisting with product design / development. Disclaimer: FLOC was also paid in fiat to cover their operating expenses as a studio.
  • 1,000 ROBOT to @jamesyoung for helping develop and experiment with various DAO / token mechanics over the last 5-6 months and writing the contract for the ROBOT token. He was not paid anything from MF.
  • 597 ROBOT to the sudden death bidder who was the 42nd member and missed in the original distribution (0x706c3b381DE2326df0acaa3248471D4D097E56b2)
  • 403 ROBOT to @lex_node for doing all the legal engineering that MF has explored over the last 6-7 months, including writing the terms/conditions for WSC and Genesis Sale and helping us refine our ideas / legal structure. He was paid in fiat for the majority of his work, but a lot of that went to others on his team that he worked with, and he indicated that he’s willing to contribute more as a ROBOT holder.
  • 570 ROBOT to Felipe Duarte who has been helping manage our internal operations and building out our 3D rendering workflow as well as doing some community / partner engagement. He was paid in fiat for a lot of his work, but is forfeiting the last month’s payment in exchange for an allocation of ROBOT + a genesis member jacket that was refunded to a former member of the DAO (davidhq).
  • 500 ROBOT to the KONG cash team for working with us to develop the secure chips embedded inside our Genesis products. They open sourced their iOS / Android app for us to rebrand / use. KONG was not paid by MF outside of the cost of hardware chips that we purchased from them. They are developing new form factors and updated versions of their chips, and will be an important part of our digiphysical future.
  • 250 ROBOT for each of the following:
    • @Coopahtroopa for his contributions in refining our token economics
    • James Waugh for his contributions in refining our sales mechanics + token economics and being one of the earliest people to get MF off the ground
    • Ven Gist for his early contributions in refining our sales mechanics and being one of the earliest people helping to get MF off the ground
    • Q for being one of the earliest contributors and helping develop the early branding + sales mechanics + auction mechanisms used in the Genesis sale.
    • @jin for being our ambassador to the metaverse and modelling the MF Bomber as a VRM wearable for use in virtual worlds.
    • @Sinkas for being our in-house voxel artist and creating the MF Bomber wearable and production line in CryptoVoxels
    • BlockRocket team for writing our auction contracts + assisting with dapp development for both the WSC Season 1 sale and MF Genesis Auction. They were paid fully for their work.
    • Darren Mills for being one of the earliest contributors helping to get MF off the ground.
    • @penguin for helping with the operations / design layout for the MF Masks initiative and MF Bomber samples from a different production partner.

EDIT: adjusted allocation for lex_node, see comment here: Airdrop Ops/Gov and WSC membership tokens

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Beep Boop,

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Not necessarily a deal breaker for me, but is there a reason that the WSC club tokens aren’t being paid in proportion to price paid like the Genesis Jacket distribution?

Few reasons:

  1. The “price paid” is unclear since it was sold in ETH over many months.
  2. The people that would get the most ROBOT would be the people that bought last, which isn’t fair to the most loyal supporters who bought the earliest
  3. Some people bought it on the secondary market, and for that its not clear if they should get ROBOT proportional to how much they paid or to how much the original buyer paid.
  4. WSC members in general are now getting much more than they originally signed up for. It was originally completely separate from MF and the membership was temporary. Now membership is permanent / transferable so they can resell it, and they are getting ownership of MF as well. IMO you could even argue that WSC members are getting more bang for their buck than genesis members.
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Yeah 3+4 resonate with me. With respect to 2, I generally think we should shy away from rewarding loyalty and focus on value add. That being said, I’m voting yes.

@jim Made a good point about how lex_node’s allocation is the same as JY but lex_node got paid and JY didn’t, so it would be more fair to reduce the allocation for lex_node.

Also, it was brought to my attention yesterday that we missed one member in the list of original ROBOT distributions. You can see in the Google sheet that there’s only 41 members listed. However, the calculation for ROBOT was splitting the 30k tokens evenly among the 41 members, so that person is owed 597 ROBOT still. We need to come up with those tokens somewhere, so this would actually be a good place to do that from and kill two birds with one stone by reducing lex_node’s allocation to 403 and giving 597 ROBOT to the last member.

I have updated the allocation as follows, please update your votes in the original post if you disagree with this:


We discussed this on the last call, Just to make sure it is documented here:

We are saying that Products and tokens for products are treated DIFFERENTLY than Memberships and tokens for Memberships.

If MetaFactory does a sale in the future which is token based for a membership or something else that might not look like a product, we are not going to reward the individual who buys in early, puts out money and takes the risk on that opportunity (which could succeed or fail)

We are only going to reward the person who ends up redeeming the membership or similar?

So if there were another release, and someone bought the token/membership and the risky project goes nowhere (say it fizzles out), he gets no ROBOT tokens even though he contributed real money?

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The WSC membership thing was a one off exception, we likely will be reworking membership to work differently and not have a separate redemption step, so we wont have that issue.

However we still might be allowing people to redeem products with NFTs in the future vs buying directly, and in that case I still think the ROBOT should go to the person who redeems the product and not the person who was only speculating on the product to flip it or something. Speculators are taking the risk for their own personal profits, it doesn’t really make sense to reward them with governance power IMO. Also, it solves the issue of wash trading and stuff too if we had to deal with people trading NFTs.

For those types of products, we will likely sell them on increasing price curves or bonding curves or something, but have a fixed number of ROBOT included in each instead of being a function of how much someone paid since the price is all over the place and it doesn’t align incentives nicely with early supporters.

e.g. lets say there’s a product we are selling 50 of on a bonding curve starting at $10 and ending at $500. We can use the average price of the product to determine how much ROBOT each product redemption would get. e.g. if we were to sell all the products we make $10,000, then each redemption would get ROBOT equivalent to if they spent $10,000 / 50 = $200 in the shop.

Let’s continue this discussion here: