🀝 MetaFactory has been integral to the growth of web3 communities and DAO UX / onboarding. MetaFactory specifically uses to manage our Discord roles and permissions. They are now offering genesis Patron NFTs to those who wish to support its future development - while allowing it to remain free-to-use and an overall public good for the ecosystem.


From my understanding, turned down a substantial VC/private equity investment as they believe the product should be owned and directed by the communities that utilize it. Their Patron NFT sale is a way for them to build a war chest for future development from their existing community of supporters without needing to bring on traditional investment that may not be as aligned.

MetaFactory believes strongly in this approach and I am proposing we purchase a genesis Patron NFT (priced at 6.9 ETH) in support. The team is also open to purchase directly for ROBOT (~400 ROBOT at current prices).

There are only 420 Patron NFTs available. Please use the soft poll below to signal your support or not. It would be great to get a soft consensus on this opportunity as they will likely sell out fast.

  • Yes- Purchase for 6.9 ETH
  • Yes- Purchase for ROBOT
  • No- Do Not Purchase

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100% agree on everything here but voted no b/c I think we should explore a drop(s) to raise funds for them rather than just tossing 30 grand on a donation.

Similar to why a merch truck is better than paid sponsorships/ad space – our culture is making fun realities (we could probably raise more for them through some dope drops)


Can we add an option of CryptoAccord’s idea regarding drops on the poll?

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$ROBOT purchase is nice tho, love sprinkling bot to those we align with :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Really like this idea and agree. Will circle with the team on this idea!