Cryptovoxels Field Trip 12/9/21

Cryptovoxels is planning an official token launch sometime April next year. Instead of the usual 1:1 airdrop to something like land owners, the team created a new island dubbed “Scarcity” to test run ideas and get feedback from the community. Announcement post:

  • every parcel has a basement
  • there’s something in those basements
  • those things can be given meaning / value
  • exploring voting mechanics for modifying districts

For next week’s community call I’d like to lead a field trip through Scarcity island. Btw the CV team loves the idea of somehow weaving in m3taloot with this (all the loot 3D assets have been voxelized).


Down for this! Can open it up for more people than just Minibots+ if we want. If we start ramping up more digital/metaverse content, we could see about adding a dedicated weekly or bi-weekly M3taverse call.


Sounds like a great trip, I would love to catch up on whats happening with CV