Discussion: MF x SILO Collab on OP


We’d like to ask MetaFactory to Yeet 12 ETH to join Silo as an ecosystem partner, and sell a Merch Collection to Optimism or Velodrome.

In return, MetaFactory receives:

  • 12000 SILO in a MF siloDAO on OP
  • ROBOT - wETH LP listed on on Velodrome
  • A new pool of clients, for more MF x Silo Collaborations.
  • Building ROBOT - wETH LP with each successful collaboration via % of sales.

Merchdrop Collabs between MF x Silo serve the clients on the veVELO leaderboard, and are positive sum.


We are coordinating branded, community-owned LP Treasuries for Velodrome.

This recent article for Velodrome describes renewed OP Incentives for projects migrating LP, over the next 12 weeks:

Serving these clients within the next 12 weeks also has OP Incentives, which would benefit MF.

How Exactly would Merchdrops Work?

  1. Pick a client: https://dune.com/0xkhmer/velodrome-vevelo-leaderboard
  2. Release NFT | Merch for them, to build LP | veVELO for their community, in a Moloch Treasury.
    • % of sales goes to SILO veDAO
    • % of sales goes to MF ROBOT veDAO
    • % of sales goes to pay for Merch
    • Remaining goes toward veVELO position for that Project, or DAO owned LP.

The NFTs own the shares to the treasury, and there is a limited run merchdrop with each NFT purchase.

A custom Moloch v3 DAO is spun up for that group and the minting process for the NFT is also the DAO Yeet process.

A splitter is run on the mint.

We build other projects together on mainnet like the artblocks, sudo idea. We also offer siloDAOs for MF’s existing collaborators - like migrating BANK | GTC LP → Optimism | Public Good Network, or whatever.

The Artblocks, Sudo idea.

Let’s Pretend that Autoglyphs are just about to mint, and they want to serve their collectors in a more complete way. I chose them, cause they were successful, and I think they would look smart as an embroidered button up shirt design.

Here’s what each Mint comes with in this updated model:

  • Generative NFT Art.
  • A Classy Button Up Shirt, with the Design of a Burnt Autoglyph on the breast pocket.
    • Burn Address – nobody can have this autoglyph as it is reserved for the shirt.
    • Community could even vote for favored designs.
  • SHARES to a Membership DAO – contained within the Token Bound Account of the NFT.
  • LOOT to a Community Owned Sudoswap LP

Imagine a launchpad which combined these elements:

  • ArtBocks - To provide Limited Edition Generative Art Collections.
    • Also possible to work with artists using Foundation | ASYNC Blueprints
  • SudoSwap - To provide LP and Royalties.
  • Silo - To provide ERC 6651 Membership Communities.
  • MetaFactory - To provide limited Edition Merch.

In this example, we are using Sudoswap to provide LP for the Autoglyphs, so a healthy percentage of the ETH raised in the launch would be matched with some inventory and deposited into Sudoswap.

Trading Fees, and Royalties on this LP would belong to the Membership DAO, and if the DAO ever agreed to shut the project down and dissolve, each member could claim their share of that ETH, and burn or distribute the remaining Autoglyphs.

Launchpads like this could be created ArtBlocks | Async | Foundation, and collectors could even trade loot tokens representing treasury shares of each collection amongst each other via an intermediary token.

Sudoswap is already experimenting with DAO owned Liquidity for NFT Collections using PartyDAO, and they are interested in what Silo has to offer.

This would be a lot of fun.


Please share your thoughts.


Some Additional Context on our Project:

  • We are a consumer / client facing outreach project for Moloch v3. We help communities organize together around a cause that benefits them as a group. Our project works with DeFi as well as NFT communities.

  • We integrate Tokenbound | ERC 6651 into the Moloch v3 onboarding process, so that Shares are minted into the token bound accounts of the NFTs for that collection. Meaning, the NFT itself has a smart wallet, that the NFT is set as “owner”. The governance rights for that DAO transfer when the NFT is sold on secondary.

  • We secured our first client today. We will be helping Alchemix to create a DAO for their veALCX token, and Shizzy will be the artist, because that is the artist they wanted to work with.

In a scenario when MF is working with us, the NFT release by Shizzy would also be a MerchDrop, so the Alchemix Community would be able to organize around veALCX, have a bunch of nice artwork to use as memes, and wear a cozy sweater this fall.

MF Merchdrops bring a tangible and meaningful art piece into the lives of the members of these communities.

It’s sort of like participating in a 5k Run, and getting a t-shirt, but for clubs with shared financial objectives.