Draft Proposal: Cooridinape Working Groups

Cooridinape Distribution Proposal:

5,000 $robot is pending distribution from the first run on the Ops Distro catching up through June 1st. Unless there are any glaring issues with it, we should be good to distribute and move on with the new 75% (15,000) SourceCred model with retool to facilitate manual voted initiatives; then 25% (5,000) that can be utilized by Working Groups for self-allocation amongst these teams going forward.

Proposed Groups:

Technicians – An allocated fund for Techs can help incentivize cooperation, opposed to working exclusively on projects alone. This will also help remedy slow response times or life events that could stall a projects progress, as well allow for Project Managers and Product Polishers to live harmoniously.
Designers/R&D – Wes and crew playground of innovating zero-waste design, metagear, metadream, metamorph. We want to push boundaries here with where MF can change the game. Fund R&D:)
Story/Marketing – Instagram, twitter, newsletter, FLOC graphics and designs, long/short form content and videos. We will be ramping up our marketing and brand identity game as we continue to scale.
Onboarding/Processes – Optimizing our tools and processes for smooth onboarding and general workflow systems to foster self-sufficiency and factory roads. Notion, Discord, Figmas, Infographics, etc. (Brand/partner onboarding falls into SourceCred and initiatives.)
Community/Customer Service – Discord community welcoming, moderation and troubleshooting front end support issues i.e. missing orders, robot questions, onboarding brands/talent. Backend customer support from shop/email side and resolving issues internally falls more into Core or SC initiative.
Core – Team Leads and the backend day-to-day operations to make/keep this a well running machine. The belly of the beast of housekeeping. Do they solve the Factories most pressing issues? Do they just talk about aliens and Drew’s cat? Not sure, but we can probably pay them. (Core members should be a revolving door of mostly Team Leads based on involvement levels.)
Web, Shop & Drop – The shop and site are paramount. The flow and maintenance of configuring drops, quantities, collections and updating listings accordingly has to be 100% reliable and always on-point. Implementing app/API integrations with production and fulfillment partners takes TLC. Then the “Drop Team” that can be 100% reliable on shop/site side, as well as coordinated social media/discord announcements for MF and with the brands/clients.

Initial Proposed Split:
Techs: 750
Designers/R&D: 750
Story/Marketing: 750
Onboarding/Processes: 750
Community/Support: 500
Core: 750
Web/Shop/Drop: 750

Devs/Metaverse/NFTs – Budget separately from allocation of reserve Ops as a MetaverseFactory SubDAO. Will fundraise ETH via a genesis sale to help fund the multitude of digital experiences/partnerships being developed. Will still utilize $ROBOT but be optimized to scale more efficiently with as a dedicated branch of MF. 5,000 Robot beginning next Ops Cycle? This will require it’s own proposal as it develops.

Optimize and account for new team members joining mid-cycle:

  • “Give” only given to those working at the beginning of a cycle, but anyone added can receive (thus still netting their share of $robot rewards for efforts, but not having to distribute value for work they were not present for.)
  • Team Lead(s) could receive 100 “Give”, while newer members learning the “who does what here” could have 50 to distribute in an effort to balance value recognition and recency bias.

Note: Want to always be conscious of not “double dipping” when utilizing SourceCred measures of did-a-thing and manual added initiatives. Track your projects. At the coming end of an Ops Cycle would be the perfect time to use Retool to account for anything missed via Cooridinape and SC. Some people currently fall heavily into multiple working groups and wear many hats. This has been out of necessity to scale, the goal of onboarding is to specialize according to people’s strengths and alleviate those juggling too much.

The CA Ops Distro Catchup through June 1st, 2021:

Contributor GIVE Received ROBOT allocation
Drew 150 710
weseeclearly 150 710
penguin 136 643
Felipe 83 393
EsteveFLOC 65 307
SergioFLOC 60 284
CryptoAccord 56 265
jin 45 213
Sinkas 35 166
kiba 28 132
Jush 17 80
NiftyFifty 16 76
CPTNskeletor 12 57
DogeMaxi 11 52
0xJoshua 9 43
dysbulic 5 24
TOTAL 1057 5000

“You can’t beat someone having fun.”
-Drew Brees, MFL Quareterback


As always, thank you @CryptoAccord for the effort and dedication to improve.

I think it’s a very good idea to structure the teams for a better organization. It is essential to know each person what role he/she plays and in which teams he/she interacts. I will keep an eye on how this proposal evolves.

The only thing I would add is the part of design, maintenance and updating web and shopify. I think it does not appear and some members are missing that are attentive to improve and update these two important channels.

On the other hand I have decided to focus on the branding part, trying to evolve the brand while maintaining consistency in everything that is done, rather than getting into other work groups such as product design.

Best regards!


Great point. Updated with 7th group and allocation:


Happy to see this conversation percolate and finally make its way to see daylight!

This is a phenomenal breakdown and definitive guide to working groups @CryptoAccord. Im really looking forward to establishing these roles, especially as we ramp up/build out the onboarding processes. Defining these roles is going to greatly benefit efficiency through establishing/clarifying clear communication channels and pathways. Not only with this make the internal experience more powerful, fluid, and efficient, but hopefully will help free up bandwith for others to pursue and build the things that continually keep Metafactory ahead of the game.

I really like how the construction of working groups will help technicians and designers be able to form sub-groups and work together. I can see this turning into powerful working cohorts that ,by combining forces, will produces higher quality and faster drops. This structure will also help foster a system in which effective mentoring can occur with new techs/designers.

Excited to see these groups grow and develop. This is just the tip of the iceberg!