Equipment Needs for NYC Workspace

Equipment Needs for NYC Workspace

The NYC shared space with Decode needs some new stuff to become a proper functioning fulfillment space and content creation hub. Please see equipment list below.

Immediate Equipment Needs for inventory storage cleanup: ~$1750

Office Supplies:

Immediate Need: ~$1,250

Longer term stretch needs:

Photo Studio Stuff: (cost to be split with decode) ~$2000

**Note: This setup is based on continuous lighting, making it versatile for both photo and video work. Would enable the photo studio to be functional immediately for product photography, E-commerce photos & video (full body of model wearing clothes).

Lighting, softboxes and and light stands would be purchased used from Milfdad. Wall mount kit and the seamless backdrop papers would be ordered from B&H and shipped to the NYC space.

Plan for some creative content ideas with the greenscreen backdrop. Good opportunity for m3 and the NYC team to work as a cohesive team generating content that blurs the lines between digital and physical.