Expenses Reimbursement

Now that all of the MF Bomber Jackets have gone out (except for 1), we need to settle some expenses related to packaging, shipping and duties/taxes. Below is a specific list of expenses and who paid for them:


250x Custom Bags: $1510.50
MF Globe x ‘Make Realities Fun’ Stickers: $319.28
Packaging Heat Sealer: $295.00

TOTAL: $2124.78 - Drew


MF Bomber Jacket Shipping Costs

TOTAL: $1,449.48 - Drew

Taxes & Duties

$126 - Drew
$225 - Peter
$650 - Callum
$54 - Joel
$382 - Felipe

TOTAL: $1,437 - Robots

Additionally, there has been an incredible amount of work put into the MF brand identity, website development, $ROBOT launch deck, MF & WSC promo reels (soon to be released), the upcoming bi-weekly newsletter and general design work. As most of you are aware, our partners at FLOC have been leading this effort and without their ongoing support, we would not have been able to accomplish much of what we have. In their own words: ‘We are a decentralized study of creatives, nonconformists and dreamers who form a free and adaptable collective to help people who seek to improve society.’ Sounds familiar :robot:

Below is a list of expenses that we have incurred thus far:

Identity, Design and Brand Management

MF Brand Identity: $5,000.00
Website Design: $2,630.00
WSC Reel: $473.66
MF Reel: $1,182.37
Art Grid Stock Video - $299.00
iStock Photography- $520.00
$ROBOT Deck, IG Management, Misc. Web Updates/Design Work: $1,192.00

TOTAL: $11,297.03 - Drew + Hammad

As we transition to a token based project with the market release of $ROBOT, it’s important to increase the transparency around costs and decision making (budgeting) as a community. In addition to the above expenses, we are proposing that the DAO take ownership over the MF brand identity and design costs moving forward.

As it currently stands, we have an ongoing retainer with FLOC for €1,500/month. This covers social media management (IG), newsletter design and creation, website maintenance and updates and general design thinking (ie. the Trusting Curve sales concept). There may be additional expenses related to specific campaigns, but each of those can be voted on independently.

In full disclosure, when Hammad and I initially proposed a partnership with FLOC, we offered them a small stake in MF in return for ongoing brand management and design support. The $ROBOT allocation that they received was compensation for this agreement, but not for services rendered. They are a creative collective with many different resources engaged and a non-trivial amount of overhead. However, due to aligned incentives and their love for MF, their ongoing rate for services is incredibly low (see above) - especially when measured against value delivered.

I wanted to share this as a forum post first in order to open it up to comments and discussion before putting it up to vote. Please share any comments, concerns and/or questions.


Looks solid. I appreciate all the transparency.