Fractionalized MerchDrop | DAO2DAO

Approximate Needs:

  • I need a quote for a small batch of say 69 hoodies.

  • I need the hoodies to be NFTs which are burned when redeemed & I need the NFTs to be fractionalized using NFTx or NFT20.

[or - I need the hoodies to be bought using 6 tokens, and I need a minted supply of 420 tokens per run.]

  • I need the CRE8R Project Managers to handle the engagement incentive merchdrop design

[or - I need CRE8R to outsource that task to MetaGame | | 1hive, etc.]

  • I need CRE8R | MetaFactory to incentivize artists as designers | models by creating rewarded coordinape circles to evaluate designs for each batch run.


  • I want the price to include fulfillment, and some deposit toward CRE8RDAO becoming a member of iROBOT | MFDAO by making the appropriate contributions via repeated orders.
    [appx 4.20 ETH worth over time.]

  • I want the value add that MF is providing to be acknowledged by the CRE8R f100 program, to gain NFTs for governance and streamed tokens.


To start things off, I have proposed that CRE8R make a gift to one of their clients from their treasury - a gift of a short batch, MF Merch Run - as described.

I would like to see what interest there is in MF for collaborating, and if the CRE8R Project managers understand the value of integrating an incentive action based airdrop as a part of a content marketing bundle.

I would be curious to see what sort of collaborative interest is possible from Art DAOs and Marketplaces for design contributions.

I would be curious to see how interested MetaGame | | 1hive | etc. are in designing custom merch-drop events for each client.


Ultimately, I’d like to see treasury swaps between CRE8R and ROBOT, and I’d like to see each client onboarded into CRE8RDAO as a MetaFactory Client.

I think there is also room for a fractionalized merch token speculative market – especially if the merch tokens themselves are interchangeable for each new client package.

All of this is a lot - but, I think it can start with one batch of merch.

I have outlined the idea further in this blog.


The numbers and partners mentioned here are potentials. I’m open to discussing | reworking | pitching | helping to execute the idea.

This doesn’t need to be done with CRE8RDAO exclusively. Though, I believe there would be synergy.