[IDEA] Crypto Laces

  • a line of high end, blockchain specific/branded shoe laces, layered with an NFT or asset.
  • Easily laced with whatever the hosting project/team wishes to include as a bonus at point of sale. ie: airdrop
  • NFT to represent & verify brand authenticity, loyalty & status in VR worlds,
  • Loaded with any crypto asset/airdrop provided by the sponsor project.

Why laces?!
Cost effective to brand, package & ship!

Preliminary research:
Several types of laces available for several collectors needs.
I think we should focus on Fashion athletic, flat-lace.

45" - https://www.promoplace.com/azxsport-canada/p/WRRKO-HQAPP/SHOLAC45/45-shoe-laces-adult-female

54 - https://www.promoplace.com/azxsport-canada/p/RRQMS-GJPGB/SHOLAC54/54-shoe-laces-adult-male

Logo imprint: 1 colour, stamp and repeat logo on both sides
Setup charge is included in price taxes and delivery are additional

100 units
45" – $3.15
54" – $3.47

250 units
45" - $2.78
54" - $3.10
Shipping charges to range between $21 - $51 depending on quantity and where we are shipping too.

Here is an alternative overseas supplier:
46" - https://www.martinivispak.com/en_ca/product/shoe-laces-46-0?CDSHOEL46

54" - https://www.martinivispak.com/en_ca/product/shoe-laces-54-0?CDSHOEL54

Logo imprint: 1 colour, stamp and repeat logo on both sides
Setup charge is included in price taxes and delivery are additional

250 units
45 - $3.29
54 - $3.57

I would rather present a flat waxed 100% cotton option, but haven’t found one yet. (I’m new).

Width, length, all set to one size initially, but easy to adjust if demand arises.
Custom coloured aglets could be added as an upgrade for specific promotions or collector handouts on orders over 5k units.
Hand crimped, plastic aglets for every project.

This item can easily be designed/collaborated in to other garments as a feature for cross promotion, or entrepreneurial fabrication.
ie: xxx zig-zag lace trim on arm of a XLM shirt, BTC bag or sporting Memorabillia. Stack the incentives offered by each company on the purchase so it’s a no brainer win for everyone invovled; collector, metafactory & of course the sponsor/client.

Demand for this?:
Accessories have a healthy markup overall I believe, and generally make up most of any fashion market for this reason. Should be an easy win for metafactory.
Shortly after I posted this idea in your discord channel a member commented that they would be interested in a pair for their recent shoe purchase. Almost instant “proof of concept” on your own channel!
Word has it that Nike is anticipated to launch cryptokicks & while most true collectors would never sully their kicks with aftermarket laces, there’s an established demographic of people who crave the service.

Ideally, a percentage of sales profits would be donated to a charity in Digital Waste Reduction. Which in turn should attract some philanthropic media pieces written about the participating sponsor/team, and subsequently Metafactory.

Return clients?:
Folks will be tempted to collect all 5 or 10 pair to complete a set if the proper incentive is given by the sponsor. This allows any invested party to continue launching a new, designer Cryptolace with each new shoe launch or promotion on Metafactory… forever if they choose.

Packaging is simply a chipboard with Cryptolace branding, used for easy shipping & to displays the name of the sponsor team.

Final retail sale price of each unit would be $120 u.s. (open to adjustment - I have no idea about price realization algo’s)

Several colours available, so it shouldn’t be a problem to scheme-match colours of lace for various projects that are interested. one colour ink only (to start).

All crypto, airdrops & art for NFT’s provided by the sponsor.

Safety concern:
As Cryptolaces can be loaded with any denomination or asset in theory, and aren’t directly reflective of the value they hold per say, nobody knows how much you’re laced with.

This is my first proposal. Clearly. All criticism welcome!!! Just trying to get it fleshed out & on paper.
Will be edited as I learn more about the requirements of this project.

Cool idea! I think if we were to do this it would be best to start off simpler, we don’t have a precedent set right now for including any other tokens in our purchases besides ROBOT, and I’m not sure where those tokens would come from and who the sponsors would be. Do you have any ideas or projects that you know are interested in doing something like this?

What’s a chipboard?

I like the meme of laces laced with crypto, but would be a good idea to do a smaller run of just laces to see if there’s demand. If there’s existing artists / projects / sponsors that know what they want to do exactly then we can try coordinating something