Metafactory Artist Network Program

Artist Network Program

Fashion and art are inseparable. Each medium helps define, inspire and guide the other in the process of creation. Both are deeply ingrained into the fabric of the culture we all love and strive to create.

Metafactory is a central pillar to the cultural revolution being built upon and within Ethereum. Through this positioning we have an amazing opportunity to not only highlight the amazing group of creatives within MF, but to build the creative foundation to be even stronger and more inclusive. This proposal is a hybrid of past artist network models and the new models being built within the creator economy, the digiphysical world, and Metafactory.


  • Use Metafactory’s platform to build and grow artistic expression and culture.
  • Highlight the artistic talent and personal practices of the artist behind the curtain of the Metafactory machine.
  • Build strong artist networks and opportunity pathways
  • Normalize creatives working in DAO’s
  • Seek out new and innovative artist
  • Expand Metafactory’s audience, audience, and cultural roots
  • Support the personal artistic practices and exploration of artist within MF

Actionable Goals

  • Monthly Artist highlight/interview shared in newsletters and on socials
  • Bi-Monthly Official Artist Network Clothing drop
  • Artist Network integration into Player Cards
  • Bi-yearly Metafactory Artist Network exhibition
    1. Partner with galleries within Metaverse
    2. Physical Gallery opportunity with IRLart in Denver
    3. Exhibited during ETHDenver or similar conference
  • Quarterly/bi-yearly MF Artist Network publication/zine
    Focuses more on the artists personal practice and work than on Metafactory happenings. Could include Comics, doodles, interviews, past work, exhibition directory, etc.

Wild Future Ideas

*Turn program into a week/month/months long residency
*Future Metafactory gallery connected to VR store

Funding: 0 $ROBOT

I do not believe there will be any additional funding needed since most of this falls under expanding the Metafactory content arm which is currently in the works. The compensation for artist involved in the program will be generated through product sales. Potential cost of gallery space would need to be explored if that is ever an option.

Linked examples of Artist programs and interviews


I’m obviously biased but this is an awesome idea XD I think it would help expand both the metafactory & artists’ brands in a seemingly organic manner - leading to exposure to more projects wanting to get involved w drops and more artists being onboarded to the ecosystem regularly

Ayy just seeing this! Yeah, everything has been very organic within our own networks and the OG metafactory squad. There’s definitely room to foster artistic talent for MF projects, highlights, etc. I believe we’ll be meeting with some of the IRLart and MOCA peeps next month actually… IRL :sweat_smile: