MetaFactory Genesis watch

Description of product idea:
Led Watch

Plastic / PU watch case and band with metal clasp.

Reading time:

12 (hour) Leds in Row 1
A time (mode) indicator and 10,20,30,40 and 50 min. (5 Leds with Minutes x 10) Leds in Row 2
Row 3 with Date and PM indicator and 9 (single) minutes Leds

Quantity / Pricing: Limited edition of 250 pcs / USD 250

Timeline: From presale to delivery 4-6 months.

Production / Fulfillment considerations: A mould (injection moulding) needs to be produced. IC/ LED movement in development / microchip (used in the MF bomber jacket) to be supplied and or NFT address engraving on steel backcover)

Currently working on alternative LED display:


List of co-designers:


AFAIK, the cost to produce an injection mould would be very high, no? Do you have a partner for manufacturing this or estimated cost?

Love the idea looks really nice, welcome to MF!

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Thank you! I really love what you are doing at MetaFactory. Imo this watch would be great to wear with the MF bomber:)

You are right about the cost to produce a mould. The estimated cost are 15k / I have a production partner who can make it.

Is that 15k just for the mould, or for the whole production run? Any ideas or designs for the packaging?

It’s just for the injection mould. Still working on packaging.