Metafactory In Real Life Fashion Exhibit

IRLArt is a collective of creatives, artists, and art directors focused on high-impact creative projects. We work with thousands of artists in Colorado including fashion designers, models, and graphic designers. We are submitting a proposal to partner with Metafactory for an in-real-life fashion exhibit spanning over two days. Day 1 will feature a fashion show and a web3 market where all items can be purchased in cryptocurrency. Day 2 is open for a Metafactory workshop. The MetaFactory workshop is open to Metafactory wildest dreams. Metafactory will have full access to the venue, resources, and staffing of the McNichols Civic Center Building.

Our vision is to empower the fashion industry by involving the youth, the fashionable & the trendsetters. Sharing resources, knowledge, and collaborating will create a high-impact event for the community. Our vision is to engage, educate & inspire Colorado creatives. We’ll onboard new designers & fashion enthusiasts into the MetaFactory ecosystem. This proposal was created by Robert Gray of IRL Art who is also the point of contact. The motivation behind the proposal is to empower the fashion community and introduce Metafactory to a scene of streetwear were reselling and authenticity are valued by the consumers.

  • Benefits

    • A partnership between The City of Denver and access to a historic venue, staffing, and all their resources to produce an event.
    • A plethora of sales opportunities to a new demographic during the back-to-school shopping season.
    • Multiple collaborations with nationally recognized brands, designers, and stylists.
    • Content of Metafactory on the runway.
  • Drawbacks

    • 1 month after NFT NYC

You can find us at:

GRANT SIZE / Voting Terms

$30,000 USD equivalent
($15,000 $ROBOT & $15,000 in a stable coin)

Participate / But No Sponsorship

No Participation / No Sponsorship


Please view our full proposal doc here:

Please view a 1 sheet overview here:

Previous Fashion Show:


Point of Contact: Robert Gray


Is there any flexibility in the event timing? From MetaFactory’s perspective, I think we’d ideally prefer to push this event back towards the fall (ideally timing with MCON).

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I wish! This is an event in direct partnership with the city of denver / mchnichols building, and they book their space out 2 years in advance, so there’s not any flexibility. rob’s already hosted the model casting call and things are in motion / set.

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Hey @burningfiat! I asked my point of contact and those dates aren’t available unfortunately. We would love to have Metafactory involved in any capacity.

Hey I love this idea, but I don’t think we’re at the capacity to sponsor 1 event, 1 month after hosting our own.

I’d have to vote no sponsorship at this point since we need to focus our capital on some of internal ventures ensuring MetaFactory can self sustain itself. We have to be able to float before we can swim :frowning:


Hey, thanks for your feedback. There is also an opportunity to support with no financial contribution. For $0 I’m offering Metafactory an opportunity to activate a historic venue. July 24th Metafactory can do anything y’all want in a complimentary venue with all their resources and staffing.

This is a great opportunity to obtain a government contract in the first digital state and I’ll love for Metafactory to be a part of it. We’re willing to have y’all participate for free and place an order of 150x shirts for our VIP. I like to consider this a partnership and not a sponsorship. They also have other historic venues like the Red Rocks amphitheater and The Denver Performing Arts Complex which is the largest performing arts center under one roof in the country.

I hope that this contribution is seen as the light that helps the Metafactory tree grows. I was really inspired by the words of @METADREAMER “ Imagine that everyones contributions in MF are a forest full of trees, branches and leaves. The trees represent the major different things that MetaFactory has done, and the branches and leaves represent all the little actions that people took to achieve that outcome. People’s contributions = the light that gives energy to the tree so it can grow.


I think these are both great ideas