MetaFactory SuperRare Curation Group

Hi Everyone!
As one of SuperRare early artist, last month i received amount of $RareToken from SuperRare.

The ideas came across my head that i want to donate around 20,000 $Rare token at the first stage to be managed and utilized by MetaFactory’s community to support our Growth.

If anyone interested and want to participate one of possible thing we can do is to create Pool from it .

We’re currently open if there’s any ideas or suggestions to utilize it better so it can can benefits our Community.

Thank You so much, any suggestions are appreciated!
have a nice day!


Love this, Twisted! I’m down to jam on this. What do you envision on best use case for it? Curating and onboarding artists/creatives into MF? @weseeclearly and I have been high on uplifting talented people who don’t have a lot of opportunity based on geographical location, etc

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Artist supporting artists is where it’s at. I love this & u! Definitely down to jam. Offering grant pools is a consistent theme and I think we can get creative and bridge-y with it.