Metafactory Treasury Reports [February 2023]


February 3rd

  • Gitcoin bulk order: $4,505 USDC

February 9th

  • Bankless deposit for the Sukajan Jackets: $4,860 USDC

February 10th

  • PWNDAO Deposit: $565,79 DAI

February 15th

  • Raidguild bulk order: $1,872 USDC


February 3rd, 2023

  • January admin distribution to Daofren, Drew, NiftyFifty, and Sinkas: $4,500 USDC

February 3rd, 2023

  • January distribution to Milfdad for running the NYC location: $4,000 USDC

February 23rd

  • Reimbursement to Weseeclearly for fronting the deposit and fabcric cost for Bankless’ Sukajan Jackets: $2,066 USDC

Treasury Net Change

+ 671.00 USDC

Important note: The transactions for contributor’s compensation for February will be included in March’s report. That means that while our treasury balance saw a $671.00 USDC increase in February, it does not take into account the ~ $12,500.00 USDC that goes towards contributor’s comp, NYC location rent, and tech stack.

If we adjust for that, then the Net Treasury Change would be -$11,829.00 USDC for February.

Remaining Treasury

Asset Balance
ROBOT 205,550.65
WETH 40,8424
USDT 21,975.85
USDC 25,767.68
ETH 13.50396
SLP 74.15524
DAI 2,751
YFI 0.06605
FF 500