MF Newsletter Communication

Hello to all of you! We will begin to shape a monthly newsletter to inform you about the progress, experiences and releases of MetaFactory for the entire community that is part of it. In principle we are thinking of a monthly publication with several types of modules:

  • Corporative narrative
  • Metaverse references (DAO, NFTs, Defi)
  • New products
  • Product status (sold out, coming soon, last units)
  • Collaborative Trademarks (MetaStars)
  • Collaborating Members (MetaShapers)
  • Micro-Interviews with relevant members
  • Other relevant content

I would like to know your impressions on what content you think would be more interesting and see that people would like to collaborate on some of the parts. At the moment we have proposed to create it in Mailchimp for the knowledge and ease of the tool for personalization. Although another interesting possibility may be Substack that has a more blog-like format and also allows you to create different user levels as well as monetize future posts.

What’s your opinion on all this?