Mini Proposal: Creative Bounty Budget

Allocate some $ROBOT to implementing open-to-all Dework bounties for creative tasks and design work.

  • Design a MetaFactory Twitter banner
  • Collection Pages (Apesthetics needs one, my place holder is shit)
  • Meme contests
  • Periodic apparel designs to resurrect the design contest as Curation Game Lite

Probably just have these directly tied to the multi-sig for payout on resolution. Just want clarify a small budget to be able to start yeeting out some bounties and foster more community/creator paths to co-creating.

Trial out like 50-100 $ROBOT to play with over a month or so.

That is all:)


100% we should do it, some more bounty ideas:

  • List of OG’s wearing MF
  • Publish a selfie from a Cryptovoxels MF location
  • Design a POAP (adds value for MF as we can use them for our calls/events)
  • Take notes on community call
  • Or monthly hackathons to onboard talent: each month is a different theme: design a voxels tee, design a hoodie, dev, etc.
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Full support. Put it to proposal.