Partnership with the OpenDAO

Title: Partnership with Metafactory DAO to start a premium digiphysical merchandise shop



DAOFREN#0001 from Metafactory DAO

Angyts.eth from the OpenDAO

Date: 2022/Feb/15


Metafactory is a DAO that is operating a merchandise shop that primarily serves Web3 culture and communities.


With a massive influx of demand from DAOs, protocols and orgs looking to drop with MetaFactory, the requirements to do so are changing in-favor of official partners that share strong alignment. MF traditionally covers all production, sampling, fulfillment costs and logistics; with a focus on Limited Edition scarce drops and timed Open Edition pre-production runs to mitigate waste as they deploy their Digiphysical strategy to merge physical products with NFTs with their own interoperable standard.

DAOs working with DAOs will see strong synergy.

Metafactory’s (MF) Vision

Metafactory is digiphysical culture factory for the metaverse | composable merch platform for web3 communities | DAO coordination research collective. Originating from DAO/Web3 OGs out of the Meta-ecosystem, MetaFactory has continued to grow and evolve into a case-study for legacy brands and businesses in what a Future of Work can look-like that truly rewards all contributors with positive sum value flows. Governed by the $ROBOT token and a “Make Fun Realities” ethos, MF has been built off 100% organic growth from collaborative drops across the space with brands/partnerships like Sushi, Bankless, ETHDenver, Gitcoin, Chainlink, etc in-which product buyers have received 42% back in $ROBOT to give supporters shared ownership in MF’s future.

Digital -> 2022 marks the launch of their interoperable NFT wearable standard to help tear down the “walled gardens” of wearable and asset compatibility. Plus Halo Chips w/ Kong to bridge the physical and digital together on-chain.
Live Events -> MCON popup shop party w/ IRLArt x Pussy Riot, NFT.NYC mobile merch truck + DAOly News, ETHDenver 2022 official merch shop… A live event culture with a focus on dope experiences.
In-House MakerSpaces -> Pilling legacy fashion and production to Web3, MF also reinvests into its grand experiment. Berlin premier MicroFactory for fashion/design R&D with Denver, CO and NYC being developed as potential cross-partner MakerSpaces for the physical and digital/art areas to collaborate IRL and online.

OpenDAO’s Vision

To create a decentralized community of digital natives united by the common goals of:

  • Building $SOS to be the central asset for the metaverse and web3 communities;
  • Bridging the gap between existing intellectual property and the metaverse;
  • Building core infrastructure for the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) ecosystem.

Metafactory’s Proposal

List the main value propositions by the prospective partner

  • Experts in all things merch, products and apparel and innovating for Web3.
  • % of all sales back to OpenDAO and contributing designers in $ROBOT
  • 42% back to users as $ROBOT 7 days moving average
  • Interoperable NFT standards
  • Street cred

A general work plan: Fashion + design → Getting Blanks → Printing and fulfilment → Designers → Ops / DAO / Tokenomics

OpenDAO’s Proposal

Main objectives:

Create a merchandise shop with

To start with highly curated art to print first. Later on, to allow user submission of art and art consensus platform, which is in development.

Stretch goals:

Reward user purchases on the shop. Return them $SOS and give them OATs. And also generate revenue for the treasury.

Dual currency system: Return $ROBOT and $SOS to buyer.

Innovate in the merchandise space. Push the limits of blockchain and apparel technology. One-of-one apparel linked to the blockchain.

Create a platform to allow our ecosystem players to create sub merchandise stores easily.

Budget and Financials:

$ROBOT exposure is currently Tiered from Minibot to Headbot – 10 to 1,000+ $ROBOT with an Balancer v2 LP token $iROBOT. Alignment with MetaFactory is dictated through token/LP holdings, exposure to partner brand token(s), etc. One or both should be explored.


Seek close alignment between OpenDAO and Metafactory DAO


After this proposal is approved, we will plan for a merchandise drop during

Reference: This document

Don’t worry about the poll:) As long as this initial drop fits a traditional MF Drop model it’s good to move forward on planning execution on.

Just need to clarify one thing regarding the NFT.NYC event:

  • Plan to be an online sale, either Limited Edition or Open Edition?

Just want to make sure nobody from OpenDAO comes with a “we need to bulk order x amount of swag for giveaways” or anything like that. We only consider executing bulk runs for promotions/giveaways for premium partners… it’s not our ethos. We want to focus limited dope drops with positive sum tokenomics/value flows… plenty of generic bulk suppliers for the bulk game.

yes limited edition sounds like what we are doing. Exclusivity.

(by any chance, any way for me to catch up on the learning? I seem not to understand a lot of terms of references you guys are using.)

(in fact in banklessDAO, we created a glossary for this, I could build one for metafactory, if i can help some help)

We’ll actually be jamming on this tomorrow with a revamp of our Collaboration Form and associated graphics and forward facing project management flow. A lot of the nitty gritty details are tracked through a comprehensive Notion, but the client/PM we’ll simplify. This should capture the glossary aspect, though I like this as a dedicated resource as well.

Could you let us know the quantity differences between these two options pls