Pre-Proposal: MetaFactory to acquire Ambassadorship at the DAOist's Dawn DAO

Metafactory as “The DAOist” Ambassador:

more info at


Perks of the Ambassadorship:

DAOist Ambassadors (1 out of 5) Receive:

  • Total of 160 votes in DawnDAO Governance (By standard distributed as 50+50+25+25+10) as delegate tokens that can be transferred amongst org members as needed to give access to the Metahub.

  • Priority access to TheDAOist Events + 1 Patron sponsorship slot (brand placement, speaking slot, custom activation, all included)

  • Lisbon Metahub: Priority access to coworking and dorm for delegates, Priority access for the ‘Residency Program’ + a brand activation on MetaHub grounds

  • 1 meetup specific to the organization within the Lisbon Metahub complex of initiatives.

  • Priority agenda setting for the communications produced by the team.**


  • 75,000 usd equivalent in stables and or $robot

Beyond Events - Catalyzing DAO Lore for all.

The DAOist as a coordination machine: We are becoming crypto-native political organization that supports the DAOs by creating cultural public goods. The DAOist has hosted kickass events in Paris, Lisbon and Mexico - and will continue to do so with the upcoming Global Governance Gathering and more. With a growing list of supporters, we need to go DAO - and with an ever growing list of DAOs, Tooling and best practices to coordinate with, research and document we are not short of stories to tell.

Enabling deep collaboration.

Grounding a “DAOist embassy” in Lisbon is considered by some a galaxy brain move and a risky experiment by others.

Our premise is that having a place dedicated to supporting constant deep work, enabling global collaboration for the DAOspace will be a game changer. It is a place to deal with hard things together at a very low coordination cost. A place to come and condense our global async collabs into concrete results, document the process and tell our stories.

And this can be done for a fraction of the cost of running large scale events. We love them, but we believe we should prototype this deeper interaction mode. Instead of a very resource intensive extravaganza that disappears in a puff of recorded talks and discarded swag, we will create a temple of creativity where up to 18 residents will be working at the same time on the tracks of Policy, Culture and Tech.

A Coalition for Cultural Public Goods

Ambassadors and Ministers will be able to select and work side by side with whom they desire for how long they desire, be it a weekend or a month. An actual citadel for DAOists that are doing the coal shoveling on the frontlines of Decentralized Governance.

Some of the leading Orgs are already involved as Ambassadors. Giveth, Celo, PrimeDAO, and ElevenYellow have committed to being Ambassadors and taking responsibility for shaping the future of The DAOist. We wanna add The MetaFactory to that list - in my mind personally (Elco) these are sister projects - and MF is the older sibling, we want our house to be your house. This is the last available ambassadorship slot.

Together we will guide the work of a full time communications team and the DAOist core team to establish the interaction modes, goals, kpi’s and future steps of the project in its mission of serving as the cultural connection for all DAOs.

The Lisbon Metahub:

550 sqm in a gorgeous house from which we will build a full-time communications outfit coordinated by the Core Team. It will include designers, videomakers, copywriters, and social media specialists deployed across the four verticals.

On the passing of this proposal:

If the proposal passes, The DAOist will issue transferable ERC-1155 Badges to elected delegates that allow governance and access to online and IRL spaces. Delegate tokens are worth 10, 25, or 50 votes.

From there, we will run the Art, Tech, and Policy residencies, accelerate DAO2DAO partnerships (hopefully in meatspace), and tailor the future “The DAOist” and “Global Governance Gathering” experiences.


Ambassadorship: $75,000 equivalent to be sent to “thedaoist.eth”, the DAOist mustisig (eth:0xcDE3153246280c52e932E80fEf5481E5702633E1)

Learn more about the Lisbon Metahub, Ambassadorship and Ministry offers at:

Proposal up:

I wish there was more discussion on this.

How many existing votes / metahub access does MetaFactory have from our flagship sponsorship of 2021 DAOist event? I think we should make the most of those first before committing something much bigger