Product Drops as Discounted Token Buybacks for DAOs

  • Partner with DAO for a merch drop that buyers can purchase in the DAOs native token
  • Item with $10 production cost gets sold for $50 worth of the DAOs tokens
  • The DAO treasury buys the $50 of DAOs tokens from us for $30 in stable coins (for our cost + margin)

Pretty good win-win tokenomics model that adds utility to a DAOs token and lets them buy back at a discount to market price, and lets us sell products priced in a DAOs token without having to dump it to make back costs.

The downside would be if there is a market for DAOs wanting to buyback their token, might not be many like that since most DAOs dont make money and have a surplus of their own token. NFT projects that have a dual token model might be a better fit (e.g. APEcoin, AGLD, etc)