Proposal #11: Fire Eyes x MetaFactory

Proposal: FireEyes DAO & MetaFactory Strategic Collaboration


This proposal outlines a strategic collaboration between :fire:_ :fire: (FireEyes DAO) and the MetaFactory community.


:fire:_ :fire: has been a supporter of MetaFactory since its inception as MetaCartel members in 2019. As purchasers of the Genesis jacket and contributors to the initial token/governance strategy, we’ve kept a close eye on MF as it progressed from a couple of dedicated drivers to the flourishing ecosystem & community we see today.

We now feel that MetaFactory is at an inflection point where exponential growth in both the community and $ROBOT token are possible with strategic direction, new governance proposals, and hyper focus on the positioning of $ROBOT within the ecosystem.

Collaboration Structure

:fire:_ :fire: Fire Eyes DAO will work alongside MF core contributors on a weekly basis, running workshops focused on actioning key $ROBOT outcomes. These outcomes will then be shared with the wider community via the existing MF community calls.

Below are the core areas that :fire:_ :fire: will be able to add value:

  • ROBOT Tokenomics & Governance
    • Develop a strategy for the ROBOT token to expand treasury, governance and reward usecases.
    • Streamline the governance processes to be easier to follow as a passive contributor or potential community member.
    • Deep diving into the $ROBOT treasury & fee structure.
  • Documentation and Communication
    • Compiling all existing documentation into a cohesive repository which can be referenced by existing and potential token holders.
    • Present how $ROBOT slots in to the wider token market.
    • Build a communication strategy which gives more focus to $ROBOT and how it interacts with merchandise, the treasury and value accrual.
  • MetaFactory Drop Coordination
    • Develop a structured drop schedule, plus added incentives and communication around it. Onboard meaningful collaborations with high quality projects to boost the MF brand and position.

The above areas will be delivered in the form of clear documentation from each subject and shared on the MetaFactory governance forum for all to research.

Timeline & Terms

Because of our excitment and conviction, :fire:_ :fire: is happy to be compensated exclusively in $ROBOT tokens from the MetaFactory DAO.

We propose compensation of 1337 $ROBOT for Phase One of this engagement.

This ROBOT allocation is to be streamed to Fire Eyes using Superfluid over the course of the engagement, which means payment can be stopped for any reason if the community chooses to do so.

We anticipate Phase One to last around 5-6 weeks, at which point we can reflect on the progress and outcomes achieved, and discuss what a second phase could look like!

:fire:_ :fire: Squad & Experience


:fire:_ :fire: has had the pleasure of working with a number of amazing teams across the space (Gitcoin, Balancer, Aave, Reflexer, Rocket Pool + more!), and hopes to be able to bring the experience and expertise we’ve gained back to a project that’s close to our heart. We’re incredibly purposeful with which projects we work alongside, MetaFactory’s continued leadership in the space, partnerships and innovative ownership/revenue share agreements is what drives us towards this collaboration!

We invite community feedback & discussion on this post then will look towards a snapshot vote later next week.



I support this. The $ROBOT story could benefit from this kind of strategic positioning and the Fire Eyes team is the right squad for the job.

wen vote?

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Looking forward to it :fire:_:fire:

Awesome idea. I’m assuming the curation game would still be a key part of $ROBOT dynamics? I honestly love that concept.


Snapshot proposal:

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