Proposal #13: Wearables and NFTs subgroup

A core concept of Metafactory is the idea of digiphysical products; merch that lives on the offline world, and is connected to the online world in the form of wearables for Cryptovoxels, Decentraland, and other virtual worlds.

We’ve been moving at such great pace, creating drops with different projects and partners, onboarding talent, producing and fullfiling orders that we’ve so far failed to essentially deliver on the initial idea of the digital counterparts of the merch we’re dropping.

We need to put more weight on the creation of NFTs and wearables to accompany the drops, and we already have a backlog to work with that doesn’t need to get bigger before we start. Retroactively delivering works better when you have a backlog of 6 months rather than a year.

My idea is to create a subgroup that will operate completely within the DAO with the sole purpose of creating and fulfilling the distribution of any wearables and NFTs associated with our drops, both in the future and retroactively. We would start by going through older drops until we’re fully caught up, and then we’d go on a drop-by-drop basis, creating wearables shortly after the drop (makes it easier on a coordination side - more on that below).

More specifically:
We’d create a work group of 3-5 people whose sole focus would be creating the wearables and NFTs needed for all the drops of Metafactory and any brand we’re helping on that front. We’d use a Discord channel to communicate and organise.

That group will create a working standard which can be agreed on (via vote) by the DAO and will then start creating the wearables and NFTs for all the drops we’ve done so far. Once those are completed, we’d distribute them to all buyers, using the data captured through

For future drops, we could stick to the retroactive theme and only start working on wearables after a drop has been completed. That way, coordination needs will remain at a minimum (we see what’s at the shop, we make it), we’d have priorities set, and there wouldn’t be any strict timeframes to work with (the creation of the wearables/NFTs wouldn’t delay the actual drop).

We could either keep this subgroup under the general operations blanket or we could assign a separate budget to cover comp, and minting & distribution gas fees.

If we are to go down the second road, a proposed budget would be 1,000 to 1,500 ROBOT to begin with.


  • We’ll start creating some of the long-waited wearables and NFTs.
  • We’d set a standard and workflow that can be used for future drops.
  • We’d remove friction points from drops as they would simply have to send the designs to the group and we’d handle coordination and creation.
  • The subgroup can also handle onboarding more talent to help with the creation of wearables/NFTs.
  • Digital swag!


  • We’d need someone to step up and organise the subgroup.
  • Add more in the replies if you can think of any.

I propose we vote firstly for whether or not we create such a subgroup, and if we are to create it, then we should do a separate vote to cover funding.
Let’s discuss the idea in the replies below, and we’ll see about creating a Snapshot vote once we iron out the details.


I’m definitely ready to put a bow on this project and get a contract deployed. I decidedly misjudged the complexity heading into this project. :smirk_cat:

My last two weeks have been largely given over to HackFS & I’m at roughly the same level of incomplete as I was at my last check-in.

I’m going to get the project moved into MetaFactory’s account and delineate what remains in terms of GitHub issues.

As to your proposal, it does seem like producing and distributing these is a significant task that could well do with the attention of a dedicated team.

I’m certainly interested in lending technical support and learning more about 3D work.