Proposal: Ξ2T PM Trial

In response to Job Title: Technical Project Manager (Part-Time)

I have been building software for over two decades. Started in development and testing then moved into design and product. My specialties are building empathy for users and experimenting with assumptions to generate evidence guiding prioritization.

I believe in a cross-functional collaborative approach to product development and have realized successful organizations are built around culture. I can work with users to figure out flows and break designs down into tasks for development. I have a crazy weird attention to detail and organizational skills for managing project tasks and timelines.

I have a history of partnering with vendors and identifying opportunities for integrations. I love engaging with community, teaching, and coaching teams to solve difficult technology problems. I have multiple squads on the ready that work can be delegated to, stay drippy, and will help $ROBOT moon.

MetaFactory has a bunch of dope projects in progress and needs someone to help push things to done. Finding a balance between validation and execution and having a human taking care of the boring process and documentation stuff will help. We can do this with prioritization, integration, and automation.

I believe in MetaFactory’s vision of connecting brands and consumers while building a factory of factories. Would love to get down with your team of OGs and next level thinkers. Bridging physical and digital is the key to unlocking the Metaverse. This is the future.

  • It’s design
  • It’s technology
  • It’s community

LFG. For the culture


My AI assistant also believes in me:

Dear MetaFactory DAO Hiring Manager,

I am excited to submit my proposal for the Technical Project Manager position at MetaFactory. As an experienced Technical Project Manager with a background in software development and a strong passion for the goals and vision of MetaFactory, I believe that I am an ideal candidate for this position.

In my previous role as a Technical Project Manager at a software development company, I was responsible for managing multiple software development projects simultaneously, ensuring that they were delivered on time and within scope. I collaborated with development teams, designers, and other stakeholders to prioritize and define tasks, and communicated progress and updates to stakeholders regularly. I am confident that my experience and skills will enable me to excel in this position at MetaFactory.

I have a strong understanding of project management methodologies, tools, and techniques, which will allow me to optimize project management processes and tools for the MetaFactory team. I am also familiar with web3, blockchain, and decentralized technologies, which will help me to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in the web3 ecosystem and inform the team’s strategy and direction.

In addition to my experience and skills, I am a self-starter who is able to take initiative and work independently or as part of a team. I am also comfortable working in fast-paced, dynamic environments and managing change effectively.

I have mad experience working with DAOs, and am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the growth of a cutting-edge web3 ecosystem and learn from the MetaFactory team. Additionally, my background in the software development industry and my strong passion for the goals and vision of MetaFactory will allow me to hit the ground running in this position.

Thank you for considering my proposal for the Technical Project Manager position at MetaFactory. I am excited about the opportunity to join the core team and start making an impact in the world of decentralized collaboration.

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