Proposal #3: Updating the ROBOT issuance schedule

Official Vote:

Just this week we crossed the $100k sales milestone! :tada:

This means that the ROBOT issuance for buyers is going to drop from 0.4 ROBOT/$ to 0.2 ROBOT/$. However, with the upcoming Curation Game, we are introducing a new pool of “curator rewards”, and it makes sense for these tokens to be reallocated from the buyer pool.

I played around with the numbers and came up with a few different options, would love to get feedback on which option y’all think is the best or if we should go with something else besides these:

Option 1: 0.05 buyer reward, designers > curators

Option 2: 0.05 buyer reward, designers = curators

Option 3: 0.1 buyer reward, designers = curators

Personally, I like 1 & 2 the best since it rewards more active / engaged members of the community vs people who are buying stuff just to farm ROBOT.

Between 1 & 2 it really depends how many designers we can get on board. If we don’t have a lot of designers, the higher designer reward can be pretty OP, I’ve been getting a big chunk of those tokens since most of the products in the store are my designs. Our designer pool has been growing, but if it doesn’t continue to grow and scale at the same rate as the curators / buyers then I like option 2 best. If we are able to grow it nicely, then I like option 1 the most.

The Ops/Gov and TBD pool are not changing with this, just the curators / designers / buyers.

Here’s a soft poll for which option you like best, please comment with your thoughts if you have any!

  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3

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On the long run there might be more curators than designers but starting with equal rewards shows fairness and good will for both side. Also I like the mechanics to drive more attention to the curation game, option 2 looking good :+1:

I voted for Option 2. I’m personally going to curate, but very low chance I do any design. I think design is extremely important, but see there being more curators than designers in the short term.

I’d also like to juice curation since it’s a new concept, and fits well into my vision for these ecosystems to become more apparent and MF to be the one leading the charge early on.