Proposal #4: Engage DeepWork for Curation Game Design Sprint

Official Vote:

Original discussion / proposal for Curation Game: Proposal #1: The Curation Game

As discussed in our last community call, we are looking to engage DeepWork Studio to help us design the UI / UX for the Curation Game. This would involve 3 days of 4 hour sessions with the community to help guide the design and implementation for the Curation Game in a democratic way. At the end of the week DeepWork will provide us with a high fidelity interactive prototype / design of the interface and staking process. After that, the hard part is done and its just a matter of hammering out the front end.

Here’s the details on their proposal:

The cost of this would be around $10k in USDC/DAI and ~350 ROBOT to be paid from the DAO treasury. The official vote for this proposal will go live on Snapshot, but will leave some time here for members to discuss and/or raise concerns before we make it official.


Could we get a quick rerun of the curation game from you the day before we start with them to make sure we maximize our hypersprint?

I def understand the concept but going over the exact mechanics and functionality would be great

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Yea definitely, good call. Lets discuss on this weeks community call. At the same time, don’t want to be too premeditated with it since the sprint process will help us define and discover what we should build, but will definitely give a refresher on the latest thinking around it.

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I highly support this engagement and more specifically, the approach. I think it’s equally important to have an objective perspective (Deep Work themselves) on what we are looking to develop, as well as for our existing community to participate and shape the outcome of the ‘game.’ We have outlined some broad strokes, but the most successful products and mechanics that have come from MF have been those that emerged out of a larger collective effort.

The MF core team has also been working hard on MF’s long term NFT strategy and our desire to create something more experiential and with more utility than ‘just another NFT that represents a physical item.’ From what we have landed on so far, there is tremendous potential for the NFTs to play a direct role in the curation mechanics. It would be great to lay out all these ideas and spend some dedicated, focused time outlining the next evolution of MF.

Keen to move forward on this.

Proposal is live at

Unfortunately the Snapshot strategy for LP tokens in Balancer Smart Pools is still broken because the Balancer Subgraphs don’t recognize Smart Pool shares. I’ve tried reaching out to the Balancer team for them to address this issue in their subgraphs, but didn’t get anywhere with it. Open Github Issue: