Proposal #5: Adjust Buyer Rewards Issuance

Official Vote:

As discussed in the last couple community calls, we are looking to adjust the buyer rewards system so its based on a % value of your order back in ROBOT instead of a fixed number of ROBOT / dollar spent.

We are nearing the sales milestone of $400k at which point the issuance will get reduced from 0.025 ROBOT/$ to 0.0125 ROBOT/$. The community members proposed we adjust this to the following instead, taking effect for all sales after $400k:

  • 42% of your purchase value back in ROBOT
  • Value of ROBOT is determined as the average price of ROBOT over the last 4 weeks from the week you made your purchase


  • Buyers wont be receiving more ROBOT than they spent on their purchase, preventing people from farming ROBOT and dumping it
  • ROBOT price will no longer be “capped” based on the value you are getting back from your purchase


  • won’t have a clear cut distribution schedule anymore since we do not know ahead of time what the value of ROBOT will be long term