Proposal: Brooklyn Full Circle Fulfillment

  • Title: NYC Fulfillment & Operating space

  • Description: As the Metafactory DAO grows, its needs and functional requirements grow as well. With the goal of eventually owning all of our fulfillment, the need to master our logistics skill is apparent. A large step in the roadmap is coleasing a 2000sqft space with one of our production partners (Decode) in the Brooklyn Navy Yards.


  • Manifesto/Vision: The current supply chain ecosystem is fragmented. Items are made, put up for sale, with the hopes that 80% of them sell. This space would be MetaFactory’s way of stepping into the new age of an ecosystem and offering a solution to logistics. MetaFactory is more than a brand, it is an operational platform for all things production; to innovate in options that don’t exist we need space to play, grow, and experiment with everything available to us.

  • Problem: One of the largest problems that Metafactory has faced are logistical challenges caused by having to bring 3rd party logistics providers into our ecosystem to fulfill our order volume. Additionally we are currently not able to offer dynamic or customizable shipping experience for our customers. While 3PLs can offer ‘Kitting’, we won’t have the best solutions until we start to understand and build them in house.

  • Solution: While bringing on new 3PLs might be an offering for temporary solutions, if we intend to master our customer experience we need to build out a temporary internal logistics operation for MetaFactory. By partnering with Decode and sharing a production/ fulfillment space with them we can start to offer truly On Demand production and fulfillment operations. This would allow us to remove the option of heavy inventory and reduce deadstock dramatically.

  • Product: The MF X Decode space can offer the foundation for production for all of our open edition basics (+fulfillment) and be our option for higher end fulfillment. Additionally, partnering in a space with Decode can offer more creative and innovative options for Metafactory’s growth such as Fulfillment DAO, all products production process tracked via Kong Chips, Upcycling waste, customization and 1/1 dying, and many more.

  • Validation: The 3PL space in NYC is weak to say the best. To find a logistics solution for a Microfactory such as Decode has already brought interest from ½ a dozen parties. The ability to handle production and logistics locally in NYC brings a lot of value to new partners in the area.

  • Progress: We have been partnering with Decode previously and have a strong working relationship. They are heavily motivated to build not just a brand with Metafactory but a new standard for sustainable & transparent production. We are currently ready to sign a month to month lease with them in the next week ( depending on DAO VOTEs)

  • Differentiation: By bringing this process in house allows us to demonstrate an On Demand production and fulfillment operation. This is currently only being done in a few places across the country and nearly non-existent for fashion. Coupling this with the Zero Waste mission that Decode brings can allow us to have a stronger and more impactful story to tell anyone who’s interested in stopping by.

  • Team: DamagedGoods, Cptn Skelator, Decode, Anyone in the NYC space can work here.

  • Grant Request $: $2700 per month for rent + General rent expenses.

  • Help: Yes, I need some. ANY help :smiley:

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hi dg, I like this proposal a lot - I’m curious about what you mean by “dynamic/customizable shipping experience”, have there been any cases in which clients requested something like this? can u provide an example of what a dynamic/custom shipping experience is / would be like and how having this space would let us provide those experiences?

For sure! I’m basically talking about offering custom boxing, packaging, or some new combination to get an interesting unboxing experience. So if partnership A does a drop with us we can customize it a bit more than we currently are.

Another piece for this is taking some of our dead stock and having the space to upcycle it for new styles of the same product.

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I love this proposal, vertical integration is what will allow us to take MetaFactory to the next level. Controlling not only production, but also quality / packaging / fulfillment. And the cost is pretty reasonable with no lock in period.

Excited for our future!

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So hype. Congratulations to the entire ROBOT community on this major milestone and new chapter.

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VOTE PASSED! And Lease signed! So excited for this new chapter in MetaFactory. Moving the world a little bit more from physical to digital.