Proposal: Coordinape Ops Distribution #4 (Dec 2021 - Feb 2022)

Its that time of year again :robot:

Since we pretty much hit the $1.6m milestone, the total amount of ROBOT be distributed for ops is 10,000. The proposed breakdown is as follows:

  • 2000 via ETH Denver Coordinape epoch
  • 4000 via regular ops Coordinape epoch (Nov 2021 until Feb 2022)
  • 4000 via SourceCred (inc. the Contribution Tracker

We just concluded the two Coordinape epochs, the results are below (full results can be found in this spreadsheet)

ETH Denver Epoch
Contributor GIVE Received ROBOT allocation
DAOFREN 133 199.25
DamagedGoods 131 196.25
Weseeclearly 128 191.76
NiftyFifty 103 154.31
metadreamer 95 142.32
Ben (milfdad) 92 137.83
Drew 92 137.83
CPTNskeletor 86 128.84
wero 69 103.37
Sinkas 64 95.88
Pab 61 91.39
OceanExile (Video Crew) 59 88.39
IRL Art 50 74.91
Felipe 45 67.42
Zico 41 61.42
Arashi 38 56.93
penguin 38 56.93
Coordinape 10 14.98
Nov '21 - Feb '22 Ops Epoch
Contributor GIVE Received ROBOT allocation
DAOFREN 202 463.303
Weseeclearly 198 454.128
Drew 177 405.963
METADREAMER 176 403.670
DamagedGoods 169 387.615
CPTNskeletor 119 272.936
Jin 90 206.422
NiftyFifty 86 197.248
wero 81 185.780
Penguin 72 165.138
Ben (milfdad) 65 149.083
Franchesko 56 128.440
IRL Art 55 126.147
Pab 53 121.560
Cory 50 114.679
Fraemwerk 48 110.092
Sinkas 47 107.798
Sergio 41 94.037
boomboxhead 34 77.982
Arashi 31 71.101
Zico 30 68.807
Felipe 25 57.339
Esteve 24 55.046
yultek 22 50.459
Topocount 21 48.165
Yalor 21 48.165
0xJoshua 16 36.697
Isaac 16 36.697
mkdir 16 36.697
scottrepreneur 13 29.817
yznzxznzgz#2130 12 27.523
algoriddims 7 16.055
Jush 4 9.174
Paula I Peh Kah 4 9.174
Coordinape 3 6.881
dysbulic 1 2.294

It would be great to get feedback from people on how they think these distributions went, and if the split between SourceCred and Coordinape makes sense.

Official Vote on Snapshot

The SourceCred portion of the rewards cant be distributed until we add contributions to the Contribution Tracker, so please go add any contributions you or others have made since Nov 2021!


With @penguin missed on the circle, synced up with him and figured easiest solution was have him propose an amount based off the Coordinape run. His suggestion was 80 $ROBOT based on helping with setup, some shopify support w/ me and some booth ops work.

Quick conviction vote here to add him into the split.

Edit: 56.93 gucci :metal:


80 ROBOT would be higher than IRL Art who handled taking all the shipments and did our booth setup + connected us with the photo/video team to get the much needed content, and also higher than Felipe/Zico/Arashi who were there since we first arrived and helping with food / cleanup in addition to booth work and setup / packing etc. Would be unfair to them IMO. I tentatively set him to have the same amount of GIVE as Arashi


For SourceCred Retool initiatives (Contribution Tracker), had some drafts loosely evolved from Ops Distro #3, Can work on plugging it in soon if anyone would like to join and help weight the people/percentages and add things I’ve surely completely missed (screenshot posted below)

For anyone unclear on Milestone Ops Distro vs Product Distros vs the shifts to working group “subDAO” budgets to accomodate more reliable/frequent/sustainable opportunities, TL;DR would be:

  • Products/Drops have their % rewards based on USD drop rev
  • This Ops Distribution is from the Milestone schedule encompassing Operational contributions not captured elsewhere, ~ November-February.
  • SourceCred portion captures value automatically with scraping github work, discord #didathing and #props weighted to emoji reacts (for capturing and calling out the macro value contributions not captured elsewhere)
  • Retool Contribution Tracker is for manual editions to SourceCred distribution weighting, so while we work to iron out the Working Group models, it’s good for capturing things like ongoing Operational Necessities, preliminary Working Group contributions, periodic/reocurring tasks, as well as macro contributions like a podcast guest appearance repping MF or an article.
  • When voting on the “weight” of the contribution and the multiplayer it adds, it’s good to account for not only “how valuable is this imo” but also “was this a one off or consistent responsibility daily”; as well as “was this one person or a group effort?” – The impact weighting should be determined accordingly when voting :slight_smile: Edit: This is actually subjective and perhaps off-base a bit… Value = Value and can be weighted accordingly, whether it was one person or 50 person effort, same goes for time invested… could arguably provide more Value off a 5 hour task that moves mountains VS 40 hours on something more trivial. :man_shrugging:


Perfecto, missed you already edited it in. Penguin approved as well :penguin:

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My question is whether ETHDenver’s participation is only for those who attended. I was doing banners and stand design, sub-branding and sharing instagram stories. I don’t know if you see that as being valued in that part.

Helping on that front is definitely valuable. I know your work there set a framework for Wes to work off of and tweak as necessary to get to the ETHDenver team in time for the booth build. Can create an initiative into the contribution tracker for the Pre-Event Planning/Production/Coordination. Top of my head I would say something like:
40% @weseeclearly
15% @DamagedGoods
15% Meh
10% @esepuntoge
10% @burningfiat


ETHDenver Coordinape Survey:

Ops Distro #4 Coordinape Survey:

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From my experience at ETH Denver, I do feel like the distribution is well paired to each members’ contributions all through those 3 weeks.

I don’t think I’d be able to judge as easily for the general Nov - Feb distribution since that involves a much bigger crew / timeframe and I’m not sure I can recall exactly what my & other’s contributions through those months were (not that these didn’t happen, my memory is just not that good :sweat_smile:)

btw - What timeframe does the SourceCred contribution tracker distribution span?? Also Nov 21’ - Feb 22’?

I’ve only used coordinape once before and the way I perceive its usefulness is it helps create a graph around streams of gratitude within communities - I do have some questions I think will help me understand it much better so ill shoot those below :slight_smile:

What factors determine the total amount of GIVE Tokens a group gets to distribute during each different epoch?

What factors determine the specific amount of GIVE Tokens each individual is >given (haha) to >give (haha!!) to other community members for each epoch?

another Q, unrelated to coordinape –

How is the total amount of $ROBOT to be distributed for each ops distribution instance calculated?


Yeep, SourceCred is the same Nov - Feb epoch

What factors determine the total amount of GIVE Tokens a group gets to distribute during each different epoch?

Total Give allocation to a group itself is somewhat irrelevant, as the final % breakdown translates as a % to the actual token being distributed. So $robot (and/or stable) amount for the group to budget would be more important.

What factors determine the specific amount of GIVE Tokens each individual is >given (haha) to >give (haha!!) to other community members for each epoch?

lmao. This actually needs better parameters setup and an argument for why working groups are important to capture more focused/intimate coworking insights. The default setting is 100 Give per user, but with the last distro and onboarding we had new people getting involved at the tail end of the distribution – So you want to include them and let them receive, but giving someone newer a ton of Give would skew things to “I only really know/worked with these couple people… guess I’ll give it all to them.” Same goes for rare contributors VS full-time degenerates.

TL;DR - Currently anywhere from 0-150 Give based on:

  • Time present in the Epoch
  • Level of involvement across the DAO and awareness of all it’s shenanigans and what people are working on

Not sure what the optimal way of streamlining that part is, other than a pre-Coordinape proposal of members and Give allocations before we start it.

We could possibly migrate entirely to the working groups structure and eliminate the need for Milestone Ops Distros entirely. Then dedicate budgets for events like ETHDenver to run Ape circles with.


Its based on the sales milestones outlined in the Distribution Schedule. 10k ROBOT since we hit the 1.6m sales milestone, the 10k distributed last time was for reaching 800k milestone.

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I find it interesting and optimal to value the work before and after each event.

Finally completed calculating the SourceCred distribution for Dec - Feb 2022 (thanks everyone for adding contributions and voting in the Contribution Tracker)

The resulting distribution can be seen in the following spreadsheet:

There was an issue in the calculations for the Coordinape distribution and we ended up 4782 ROBOT there instead of the planned 4000 ROBOT, so I deducted 782 ROBOT from this SourceCred distribution, leaving us with a total of 3312.7 ROBOT to be distributed (some extra there that was undistributed previously because of missing addresses).

As a reminder for anyone new, this distribution is calculated by taking data / activity from Discord, these forums, GitHub (for dev work) and the Contribution Tracker.

If anyone’s address is incorrect, please let me know within 24 hrs and I can get it updated. After that will process the distribution via the multisig.

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