Proposal, cop clothing, make unique with the help of $ROBOT's

We’ve had liquidity providing, we’ve had food farming, staking, shielding.

Is $ROBOT the beginning of {{Crafting}}?

HypeBeast culture is dying, I’m sorry but gone are the days of BAPE Shark Hoodies; thrifting and idividuality is arguably the biggest aspect of streetwear and fashion culture. It’s an extension of our interests, a representation of self, a showcase of values/ideals.
Ultimately, to me, fashion is the externalisation of individuality. A physical manifestation of who we are.

We’ve got such an amazing opportunity to iterate that within the digital world.

This is why I’m proposing {{Crafting}}.

What’ll leave you more stoked than copping a limited piece from that favourite artist of yours? Having it customised.

Mind you, I’ve got no idea how you’d achieve this from a technical perspective. Theoretically I propose;

1) Stake $OGNFTclothingPiece + $ROBOT == $EmbroideredNFTclothingPiece.

What does this mean?

Artist releases a few EXTRA iterations of their work(eventually I’d like to entertain the idea of DIY clothing mods, but for the sake of keeping it simple); these other iterations require your $robot and $OGclothingPiece + time. Now you’ve got meta exclusivity, those once limited runs, now even more limited because you upgraded.

I really like the idea of time-gating things like old school MMORPG days, where grind was more important than the $$ you’re worth.

In this case, ones value directly comes from their impact/contribution to the space.

I dunno, might sound dumb but I think this would be a really sick gamification of fashion.


This is a super dope idea.
Love this:
1) Stake $OGNFTclothingPiece + $ROBOT == $EmbroideredNFTclothingPiece.

Let’s do it.

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This is dope, I love it. More incentives to stake and hold ROBOT. Let’s make it happen. Would you like to get involved in making this happen, and in what capacity?

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