Proposal: First Open MetaFactory Designer Jam 🤖

The most meta of design competitions. We allow open subs for Robots and humans alike to show us their chops and create a MetaFactory drop. This also allows for aspiring designers to demonstrate their skillsets as a means to onboard new talent.

Deets for discussion:

  1. Small $Robot reward for Top 3 (subs voted on at conclusion) + the 90% designer rewards from drop to 1st.

  2. Utilize one blank/template VS fully open format.

  3. MetaFactory theme (could provide logo assets)

  4. Run time: 2-4 weeks?

Would create a graphic with details for announcement via Twitter, Discord and Newsletter. Submissions taken via dedicated Discord channel and/or google form.

A great opportunity for everyone to…


Maybe we could ask artists/designers to submit designs for specific garments as opposed to having everyone design any kind.

Would help us steer in garment directions in which we have manufacturing partners and make the process of voting for the best design easier (easier to vote between 3 tshirts vs between a tshirt, a hoodie and a cap).

Also, we could keep rewards for participating artists a secret until after the jam - helps us get people that are true supporters of MF and genuinely want to participate.

Also, I think not having a theme would allow for more creativity and will appeal to more artists with different styles.


This is a great idea! I think it would be good to keep template options open to 3-4 different ones, that way if we select multiple winners there would be some variety in the type of garment.

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Agreed, on open theme. The only theme I could think would be if we want it to be MetaFactory branded.

Rewards I’m good either way, at least disclosing that winner(s) will get the $robot designer royalties from sales.

Additional $robot or alt prizes don’t necessarily have to be disclosed.

I’m good with 1 or a few garments, just do them all as Through6 garments perhaps.

Maybe a tank, tee and ls/hoodie

I think keeping the rewards secret until after the jam is a great idea. It might be interesting to do a blanket participation reward/similar to treating it like an onboard bounty. Dont advertise it all just distribute it after the jam ends.

DAOhaus and Index COOP do something similar to this and I feel like it’s highly effective for building engaged participants. Just a thought.

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Yeap, that’s what I had in mind as well. Have 3-4 specific garments and let people choose what they want to design. That way we can select more than 1 kind.

We could make the MF logos available to whoever wants to use them, but not make it mandatory for submission, unless we want only on-brand designs.

For rewards, I think we should let everyone know that the winner will be getting a bigger reward, and maybe the two runner ups, but not disclose that we’ll be rewarding all the designers who participate.

As @CPTNskeletor suggested, we can treat it like an onboard bounty.

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I think it is very good to select 3 or 4 garments, even to make like different leagues and that the best caps, the best t-shirts, the best hoodies… are awarded prizes.

What I don’t see so clear, is the prizes. I think it is interesting to have an estimate a priori of how much $ROBOTS a participant could win, more than anything else for the expectations. It is also a good incentive for different designers to participate. Besides, the winners should also be given the garment they have designed…

Current plan is to have the garments be somewhat similar for this initial run, as well as utilizing “tried and true” quality blanks we have ample experience with and can attest to their quality, as well as production/fulfillment pipeline.

The biggest rewards aspect is that the winner will have their design as an official MetaFactory drop and receive all the design rewards in $robot. Rewards for everyone is that they get to showcase their design chops and be onboarded through this process to work with MetaFactory if they shine. We may also do some $robot rewards to runner-ups, but we probably won’t heavily emphasize that, an opt for it to be a pleasant surprise. And the winner can get their product for free, no problem as well.