Proposal: Gasless Conviction Voting Implementation


Implement a gasless conviction voting microservice and SDK that stores user and vote state in Ceramic.

I believe this intended for use in a token-based curation game as product proposals begin to exceed the production capacity of the MetaFactory resources.


This has been completed and verified by @METADREAMER as delivered and functional on October 19th, 2021.

I’ll be continuing to maintain it and build it out, but that’s not in the scope of this proposal.

Out of Scope

The onchain execution pathway is out of scope for delivery to MetaFactory, but the community will definitely have access to it once it’s completed.

Files and Resources



Check out the READMEs in these repositories for lower-level details.


Paid For Partial Completion: 100 ROBOT

Remaining To Be Paid: 200 ROBOT

Total: 300 ROBOT

I really appreciate the community’s flexibility and patience as I’ve worked on this. I know retroactive proposals can be weird, but I’m more than happy to answer any questions about current functionality and future plans for this tool, feature-wise.


Here’s extra context, since I can only include two links in a topic as a new user:

MetaDreamer’s proposal on the Gnosis Forum

Gasless CV spec from Ceramic