Proposal: HODL Rewards x Engagement x Seasons

Community Engagement x $ROBOT/$GEAR Hodler Rewards Initiative x Seasons

1. Curated, periodic rewards for the Robot ohana. The identity and culture of MetaFactory should continue to represent “quality vs quantity”, “decentralized collaboration” and “make fun realities”. Organic growth and development beats hype and marketing gimmicks any day of the week. Similar to how the 42% back in $ROBOT is a perk that isn’t actively advertised and allows products to speak for themselves, implementing appreciation “rewards” to our Robot Army can rep this same ethos like a mascot. Surprise rewards VS expected rewards. Fostering community engagement and content brings us all closer together and further expands the utility of $ROBOT/$GEAR and what it means to be a Robot.

Rewards would include things of this nature:

  • NFT Art. Surprise companion pieces that accompany certain drops exclusively for Robot hodlers.
  • Exclusive Metaverse events and collaborations.
  • Fitting into the work-wear possible MF line in which Robots could earn and acquire exclusive “badges” or heat-transfer graphics to add to their swag. Potentially for implementing this “customizable apparel” into 3D NFT wearables, leveraging ERC-1155 or similar token standards.
  • Periodic Swag: Stickers, collectible cards and other creative/accessible ways to catalog the MF journey as Robots.

2. MetaFactory “Seasons” - An optional addition that could work as a catalyst to the flow of all this:
This can capture the apparel/fashion concept x the gamified elements that DAOs and their Future of Work represent. The upcoming launches of The Curation Game and the VR Store would be a perfect time to go from the “Beta” of MetaFactory into the new age of Season 1 . Allowing for the Genesis of Robot Rewards to be distributed to all of our early community members, builders and every beautiful Robot soul that has built and developed this wonderful collective.

  • Seasons could allow for some incredible Sizzle & Highlight reels from our creative masterminds with FLOC.
  • The MetaFactory “coffee table magazine” would work great to see Felipe, FLOC and others all collaborate on with Story x Design highlights to further document our journey.
  • Limitless creative potential… From Metaverse 3D Robot Avatars, to generative Robot PFP NFTs, we can execute a ton of diversity to the Robot culture. Organic rewards that simply reward $ROBOT/$GEAR holders, the anti-thesis to “mint a ___ for 1 Eth!” projects that can often be exploitive and operate off FOMO alone.
  • Possible rewards could also be voted on via The Curation Game.

Funding: 0 $ROBOT

Ultimately I’m a utility player that loves to just help wherever I can, but fostering community engagement and working with artists/creators to collaborate and innovate is something I’m very passionate about. I would work on this and just keep it aligned with everything else regarding Ops Distribution. The only “budget” that would be needed is regarding compensating artists and creators that we utilize for different projects. This can just be handled case-by-case and put up as Grant/Funding Proposals as needed – Primarily if a project’s scope would ever exceed $5,000.

CryptoAccord (Stevo)


Love it! Can’t say no to more swag and crypto culture.

I didn’t really like seasons model for Wicked Sunday Club but I think it works here for bonus package and something that’s accessible to people that aren’t fully involved with MetaFactory yet.


Word! WSC was before my time, but learned the background after initially asking WeSeeClearly if it was based on his name lol. If we wanted to explore the seasonal aspect regarding MetaFactory in its entirety, could be on an annual schedule for more flexibility, rather than quarterly (that would be too crunch intensive).

Will get some mock ups and proof of concepts. Some of these Rewards could also work with strategic collaborations similar to how drop operate with their cross-pollinating.

This is great! The badge/heat stamp idea has come up with the metagear and is on the table. I think most people would love the collecting aspect of patches and already fits into the modular/grid branding MF has across the board.

This proposal really highlights the sort of pandoras box of possibilities and experiments that could lead to amazing community engagement, hype, and expanded mediums of creation(which is really exciting).

I know Kiba dropped in an example of a book idea in one channel and there are some hurdles for creating printed media, but I definitely think a seasonal zine style book would be cool.

Thanks for the brain blast of energy Steve! Excited to hear more about this and see how it evolves.

For sure! The modular aspect is powerful across the board… Robots themselves are modular, I love the customization the concept allows for.

I’ve got an artist I really respect started on some of this. The conversation definitely went from “more simple, proof of concept, dope rewards” to “Modular generative 3D Robot Avatars” reaaaaal quick lol so if there’s demand, we can make some really cool things happen.

Can also whip up a slick “Robot Coin” or insignia badge that could be utilized as a reward for every buyer during the MetaFactory “Beta” that we have Eth addresses for. Mint and Airdrop via P0lygon/Matic.

Would love metafactory brand clothes also!

I think we’ll see more of that. Clothes and specialty products. Curation game will help make this more interactive, to allow for outsider designers/artists to submit MetaFactory brand concepts and see them brought to market by community.

I’m the same way. I love the cross collaborative factory drops, but I love the MetaFactory “independent” brand even more when it comes to swag.

Hey all, update on this: Here is proof of concept mock up 1 to illustrate some of the ideas and caliber of content we can create on this front. Kind of speed running past “rudimentary rewards” into the more ambitious territory lol it is crypto after all, life comes at ya fast :slight_smile:

Shout out to the homie Fraemwerk <3


Will be dropping a Miro board regarding directions we go:

  • Robot NFT (PFP and or full avatar). Either a themed “evolution” of Minibot to Headbot with modular customization to denote other roles and achievements.
  • Straight to Operation Meta Omega: We do a sleek base 3D robot design, with compatibility in Webaverse. Generative robot traits and detail variants (materials, antennas, facial qualities, etc.) Free for $ROBOT hodlers and/or exclusive traits, ability to wear sick clothing, open up for sale to the public and/or via an accompanying apparel drop that rewards one.
  • Hyper realistic 3D microchip design NFT that could be leveraged as a rewards “currency” token. Implemented as rewards for hodlers, VR Store purchasers and exclusive promos, etc.

To be continued…


We had a good call with the team behind I think we could leverage this for the proposed approach/strategy.

Nice! Did some digging into what they have going. Interested in learning a bit more and setting up a framework on how some content could look leveraging their infrastructure.