Proposal: MCON Sponsorship

I propose MetaFactory become a sponsor of the MCON event happening in Denver, Sept 15-17th :date: gratis tickets will be made available to $ROBOT holders as part of the sponsorship.

This is a tight knit DAO event coming from the “Meta” ecosystem, values aligned sponsors only. MetaFactory will be amount good company :money_mouth_face: joining the pool of sponsors including MetaCartel, SporkDAO, MolochDAO, Gitcoin, and more.

Budget Request:

$5000 in $ROBOT (120 at the current price) deposited into the event DAO ( on Polygon) found here

Thank you for your consideration, by supporting this event you signal your alignment with the expanded DAO ecosystem and allow DAO’s everyone to have an IRL experience :robot:

Kindly ~ @Yalor

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Danke meister @DAOFREN :nerd_face:

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Not much new exposure for ROBOT here.

True, but a of lot our a-team allies in the space, as well as some new movers and shakers coming together. MOCA, IRLart… perhaps some folks working on a little film about Ethereum that have been eyeing MetaFactory like a cute girl at the school dance… SEND IT :sweat_smile:


+1 for paying homage to the Cartel :hot_pepper:

Hey all, Does anyone know where the event will be helpd? I’m looking to book my hotel and would like to book it in walking distance. Thanks


Yessir :beers: the event is at

Woods Boss Brewing Company
(720) 642-7177

In the RiNo district of Denver. Looking forward to meeting ya in Denver.

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Awesome thanks! I love Rino. Finn’s Manor is my favorite cocktail bar in Rino. See yall out there.

See you there, Buddhaaaa

Looks like this passed :money_mouth_face: how do we get the proposal on-chain, who is the keeper of the key’s :closed_lock_with_key:

Best use of funds evar!

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2210 California St, Denver, CO 80205 At Woods boss brewing