Proposal: homepage overhaul

Official Vote:

Goal – Refresh Metafactory’s homepage to more accurately tell our story and convey the aesthetic of a modern, well-established crypto project. A new homepage will be dynamically updating to feature our current drops & content.

Deliverable – 1 month after approval of proposal, well in advance of NFT NYC in mid June

Funding: $10,000 total

  • $5,000 to web developer Clay Colonna [requests payment in either ETH or USDC to his coinbase account, or payment in dollars]
  • $3,500 to front end web designer Ben (Milfdad)
  • $1,500 set aside for creation of any additional assets (mostly 3D renders, animations, metaverse content, and diagrams). [Most likely partner with Fraemwork, Jin, Wes]

Continued Support: Clay will remain available for updates after the homepage is live, in order to make quick updates to the static sections, as we continue to grow. Clay’s hourly rate is $125/hour and he works very efficiently.

Rough Outline of new homepage:

Metafactory logo, headline (along the lines of digital meets physical, the future of fashion), 3D render animation of logo and/or garments, brief words “about us”


  • Shop now button that leads to our main shop page, then 3 featured item listings from our latest drops, with ‘see more’ link

Our partners

  • (logo & namedropping), possibly imagery of our tier 1 collab products


  • windows 95 style display, as user scrolls the windows will parallax slide into and out of view. The wearables will be rotating.

  • “Metafactory’s innovative future-proof wearable NFTs are equipped for a constantly evolving metaverse”

  • Best of Metaverse squad content, logo drop relevant metaverses that we support like VR Chat and Webaverse.

  • Information about Kong Chips

$Robot Token

  • Explanation of buyer & contributor rewards. Written Copy about the governance aspect of ROBOT token and future utility

  • Analytics from balancer pool. Tokenomics stats such as TVL in balancer pool, max supply, circulating supply, market cap, price chart.

Content section (headline possibly “projects”)

  • Dynamic Links to Mirror blog posts
  • social content pulled automatically from IG
  • Event photography, video content from ETH Denver
  • Wes style diagrams, deeper about us words

Subscribe / join our communtity

  • Form to subscribe to email list, discord, link to robot hub

Section on SubDAO’s ( for now, others to be added as they are ready)


  • Links to Decode, IRL art, metacartel ventures, ETH Denver, etc. Written copy about how metafactory is a cornerstone of web3 culture


  • Link to for buyer rewards etc.

Footer with links from current footer

Top Menu will auto scroll to sections of the homepage

Moodboard: (diagrams, aesthetic + windows 95 look) (3D Render of token) (partner logos, analytics & numbers) (Brutalism)

Vote Options:

Yes, update the website
No, the current homepage is perfect

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Looks good overall, sorely needed. Some thoughts:

Feels kinda weird to have this on the main page, at least prominently. Would want to keep it relevant to the story of the DAO as much as possible vs just being generic token project stats since that might make us feel like a lower quality project than we are. IMO the most important question to answer would be “why ROBOT” and how it will act as incentive alignment in the distributed network of creators / designers / producers / brands etc.

Can also add this to the moodboard in terms of content (links to podcasts and old articles etc):

Also would be good to have a section that shows the current open bounties we have from Dework for people to get involved right away with.

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yeah agreed that price chart might not be the best thing but I think the max supply of 420,000 is a really good selling point for the ROBOT token. There’s a way to pare this section down to the essentials and at least prominently link to the balancer pool. I’ll take this feedback & mock the “ROBOT token” section with that in mind. We’ll have a chance to review it before anything is actually implemented by Clay.

Noted & will definitely link to the Forefront in the content section & the Dework in the ‘join our community’ area

Looks/sounds dope overall. Only notes:

  • On the claim link/robot analytics, ideally this integrates into the Robot dashboard w/ Raid Guild. But also be good for the “Why Robot” and token ethos/incentive flows as @METADREAMER mentioned.
  • +100 on partners/affiliates. Official Partners I would say currently is Bankless, Kong, Apesthetics. Should work to solidify/expand on Kong partnership as we can do a ton there, including work with Nico for a secondary market – could explore providing fulfillment escrow.
  • Figure out best flow for this w/ interested contributors, as well as brand/project collaborative interest to submit their project info that’s curation game lite.
  • just make sure things are built for dynamic live updates and low-lift modular updates <3 want to avoid bottlenecks for “we have to hit up Clay to update something smol”

Otherwise… SEND IT. Did you allocate Adderall budget?

Bonus points if you can async updates/direction a bit with design ethos peeps of the dao when feedback can be accounted for. Can def focus on efficiency and not trying to get consensus on minor design decisions, but optimizing for a balance be dope. Just blasting mocks/updates in the telegram prob do the trick.

hey, can you send a link to the ROBOT dashboard? Definitely want to link to that. Or is it still under construction?

The goal is to make it as dynamic as possible with the pulling of current blog posts & social content. Since we have developers in house, it shouldnt be a requirement to hit up Clay to change anything small like text or even potentially images.

And as far as the design, everything will be mocked up on Figma so it will be a 100% transparent process. I’ll be taking feedback on that and iterating it before anything goes to be implemented by Clay

Psyched to see this proposal and and actual deadline!

My one comment is that we build this site with the visuals that will last ie commit to the creative direction being established by @weseeclearly and @francheskoromanovic. It sounds like the is big inspo but just want to push for us to fully commit and begin to build up an identity within those creative constraints. between their vision and the motif of a creative factory we are sitting on a gold mine of cohesive imagery, content, diagrams, and narrative.

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Hey I’m a big fan of this proposal and excited to see the iterations of the new website.

One section I’m realizing we should have is " Create with us". I’m already working on how we can clean up the idea > plan > design > product pipeline so most of the work I’m doing can just be ported to a front end funnel. It would be great to this on there so MF can catch any new contributors/collaborators/ builders/ designers/ brand(etc)`in 1 place.

We can just send everyone to like or something like.

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Also @milfdad have you seen the website moodboard that @CPTNskeletor and the folks put together?

I didn’t see this in your moodboard section and wanted to make sure it was in there. It’s some awesome starting content

have to sync w/ them on any integration needs and refining links or aesthetics

Yes for sure. Robot dashboard is outside the scope of this proposal but it does also need to be updated. The three links on the top right are broken for me on Chrome and the stuff on the top right are going to need to be re-linked to new pages on the updated website.

I think the look of the robot dashboard right now is fine, no need for it to be 100% unified for now. We can probably tackle that when we update the shop page & rest of the website. We’re focusing on the homepage first

@DamagedGoods @CPTNskeletor I’ll definitely include the arena board direction generally in the aesthetic for the website

I like this idea. Will put that with the email and discord subscribe links. Might be a lower lift to send those people directly to a discord channel. We can prompt them with a question like “what would you like to contribute?” or “what would you like to see in the metaverse that doesn’t currently exist?”, and then sort of pick and choose who seems interesting to bring in based on what they say