Proposal: MetaFactory Collection Launch

TL;DR—MetaFactory’s Berlin studio develops, produces, launches, and merchandizes our first full clothing collection. Since we are pivoting to project-based work and compensation, this establishes clear KPIs and a roadmap for the Berlin studio; we believe that catering to the fashion world / luxury streetwear market will also provide healthy diversification during these tough market conditions.

This project has a 3-month scope, starting from 15 June 2022 and ending on 15 September 2022.

1. Project Summary


We will oversee the designing, material sourcing, and production management of a complete range of custom cut & sewn 100% cotton jersey blanks.

We intend to produce these in Berlin as that is one of our main USPs; target production cost will determine whether that is possible. Backup is to produce in EU regardless.


We will design a full collection of MetaFactory branded merch, using these blanks. It will be a curated collection leveraging in-house design talent, and provide enough evergreen styles to fill out a dedicated (new) section on the web store.


We will take care of all the product styling (photographs and renders) and provide final assets and layout for the store.

2. Project Outcome

Our priority is to broaden MetaFactory’s relevance beyond web3, specifically targeting a high-end streetwear crowd (customer base of brands like Brain Dead, Supreme, Advisory Board Crystals, S.R.Studio, Online Ceramics, ALL CAPS STUDIO, etc.)


  1. We envision Metafactory at future events having a full collection of Metafactory branded products to take even greater advantage of the retail opportunity.

  2. This collection sets the stage for special releases: MetaGear, 1/1, upcycled. A consistent, high quality, evergreen offering is the missing link to take customers from our print-on-demand beginnings to exclusive items.

  3. Refining the image of our brand and proving that we can drive sales in these market conditions will make MetaFactory more appealing to investors, when the time comes to pitch again.

Our USP’s are:

  • Made in Berlin label
  • Community-owned and designed
  • Linked to blockchain via KONG chip
  • Comes with wearables*

*We will provide 3d assets to M3 since we do all of our prototyping in-house in CLO3d

We are focusing on smart and relevant design, tight curation, and quality construction to position MetaFactory as best as possible for new market capture, as well as revitalizing community buzz.

3. Outline of Tasks

Garment Development | Lead - Cory; Contributors - Maruko, Wes, Wero*, Z*

  • Research, technical drawings, CLO3d modeling, tech packs, communication with manufacturers, fabric sourcing, logistics

Graphic Design | Lead - Franchesko; Contributors - Wes, Z*, Jay*, Wero*

  • design and market research, artwork for prints, branding

Merchandising + Creative Direction | Lead - Franchesko; Contributors - Cory, Ben*, Wero*

  • photoshoots, product styling, curation, social media

Studio Manager + Project Author | Lead - Wes

  • communications, authoring docs like this ^^ +, studio maintenance, financing, project initiation, DeWork updates, networking, etc.

*part time contributors are listed here for full transparency and to ensure that they are fairly compensated. We expect this to happen through DeWork or Coordinape and will discuss upfront. This proposed budget ensures the full-time commitment of Wes, Franchesko, and Cory only.

4. Deliverables & Timeline


Design Mockups / Final Selection | by 24 Jun 2022

  • Finalize a set of graphics to customise the garments. 4 to 5 different designs to be applied through screen printing, embroidery, woven tags, and hand-stitching.

***Fabric Sourcing / Final Selection | by 15 Jul 2022

  • Ordering samples of fabrics, confirming selections, and price calculations

Production Sourcing / Planning | by 15 Jul 2022

  • Sourcing trims and labels in addition to planning production

Pattern Development / Tech Packs | by 15 Jul 2022

  • Draft and adjust patterns. Create tech packs for production

Garment Sampling / Final Adjustments | by 24 Jul 2022

  • QC, Fittings, testing print, embroidery on samples*
  • *we may do this DTG just to have the graphics done for merchandising since sampling screen printing is cost-prohibitive.

***Retail Production | 12 Aug 2022

  • Placing MQ order of full collection so that we can book a production slot. Organizing the best combination of colors and design to minimize upfront inventory.

Finishing (Printing, Embroidery) | 1 Sep 2022

  • we outsource the screen printing to our neighbor, Wolfgang
  • all embroidery done in-house

*** See Outside of Scope at document end.


Merchandising | 30 Jun 2022

  • Design of custom box + unboxing experience.

Social Media | start 1 Aug 2022

  • Unofficial BTS photos teasing the production of a new line. This would go in tandem with the “reboot” of our Instagram feed
  • Official Photoshoot with Street Casting in Berlin
  • Product Shots for the website + CLO3D files
  • Based on response, bi-weekly content to push sales of the garments.

Store Page Setup | 15 Aug 2022

  • Countdown? Having everything ready so that we can guarantee a launch date. That means site back end, front end, etc.
  • offer blanks for custom embroidery (limited)

5. KPIs

Social Media Sales

  • Engagement metrics, Shopify directs

Press / Influencers

  • Garments featured on high clout profiles and/or some article of press outside of our immediate community.

  • PR “airdropped” packages

Community Updates

  • Monthly community call field-trip / update from the studio.

First MetaFactory Collection

  • Product and marketing from start to finish. A fully realized campaign, according to fashion standards.

New and/or Bolstered Partnerships

  • Attract new partners or bring partners back because we establish ourselves as the best

Focused Content for Investors

  • Case study / something very tangible and focused to bring to the pitch deck table.

6. Budget

These costs do not include retail production, i.e. they will bring us to the point of having a set of physical samples on hand.

  • :arrow_down_small:RUNNING COSTS—MONTHLY—1685 EURO


    TOTAL 1505 EUR
    Rent 1200 EUR
    Insurance 100 EUR
    Upkeep + Basic Amenities 75 EUR
    CLO3d Subscription 50 EUR
    Adobe Suite Subscription 50 EUR
    Figma Subscription (2 users) 30 EUR


    TOTAL 60 EUR
    thread, paper, stabiliser 30 EUR
    fabrics 30 EUR


    TOTAL 120 EUR
    Shipping (general ops) 120 EUR
  • :arrow_down_small:LABOR COSTS—MONTHLY—4000 EUR + 360 $ROBOT


    TOTAL (7200 EUR) 4000 EUR 360 $robot
    Maruko, 1 day/week 400 EUR 400 EUR 0 $robot
    Cory, full-time (2400) EUR 1200 EUR 120 $robot
    Franchesko, full time (2400) EUR 1200 EUR 120 $robot
    Wes, full-time (2400) EUR 1200 EUR 120 $robot
  • :arrow_down_small:PROJECT COSTS—UNIQUE—2050 EURO


    TOTAL 2050 EUR
    industrial pattern conversion 500 EUR
    Sampling 1000 EUR
    Logistics 250 EUR
    Fabric & Trims 300 EUR

:arrow_forward:TOTAL PROJECT BUDGET = 17,320 + 1,080 ROBOT

Edit 5 Jul 2022
Amount adjusted down by 1785 EUR because studio rent + clo3d subscription + maruko salary were covered for June 15-Jul 15.

This budget is fully comprehensive to see through the preparations, design, sampling, and production management, even if the project extends beyond the three month timeframe. At the end of it, MetaFactory will have a premier collection, store section, product shots, and everything else listed above in the project scope.

The Berlin studio will also continue to uphold its other duties and build-outs, like developing the MetaGEAR line, continuing with BANKLESS collection, Loot production, participating in the Crowdmuse cohort, supporting Rickard’s OSPP, and generating smart fashion content for

Outside the Scope

:x: Retail logistics - we will only fulfill European orders from the Berlin studio if shipping labels can be automatically generated from Shopify.

:x: Full retail production run costs are not accounted for in this budget. Around July 15 we will know production cost; fabric costs for ~50 hoodies, 50 pants, 50 crewnecks, ? t-shirts below.

300kg Heavyweight Terry 2790 EUR
100 kg Jersey 900 EUR
50kg ribbing 465 EUR
Shipping from Turkey unknown (no cutoms to DE)

From time of payment for fabric, 2.5 months until end of production (not including screen printing or other finishing effects).

:x: Compensation for community contributors on graphic and garment design falls outside the scope of this budget. However it seems like the Creative Consortium (if that passes) would be a place, or individual DeWork grants.


wondering if we could move beyond sweats and start making some good basic pants like these:

you’re right, this would be a good addition. We were concerned about pants before because of waist size but fully elastic will help.

UPDATE 12 July 2022

We started building out the collection on 15 June and have some updates on deliverables and timeline.

Initial projections for reference:

:orange_circle: Design Mockups - Still in progress, but we have time because we only need these by August (when we start the merchandising push & print on physical samples)

:green_circle: Fabric Sourcing - We have a producer in Turkey who can meet our requirements for fabric. Minimums were higher than expected, so we are still negotiating to bring those down for optimization.

:green_circle: Production Sourcing - We are already sampling the entire range of garments with our Berlin microfactory, and they should be completed by the end of the week. We will then know exact manufacturing costs.

:green_circle: Pattern Development - all patterns drafted and handed over to producer. Possible that we will have to make changes once we get the samples this week. We may even include additional styles not outlined in this project.

:green_circle: Garment Sampling - ahead of schedule. Samples already underway and expected to be completed by end of week.

:red_circle: Retail Production - We are unable to commit to retail production without a proper budget in place. Fabric takes 1 month to knit and production takes another 4-6 weeks. The sooner we can get approval here, the sooner we can move ahead on this front.

:orange_circle: Finishing - dependent on above.

General thoughts:

We will know the per garment within the next two weeks, at which point we can make final decisions on the retail production. Regardless, we will have the full collection as samples to merchendise and set-up the collection.

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