Proposal: MetaFactory Logistics Budget

  • Description: Currently all of the logistics operations has no budget for labor, operations, or department expenditure. The goal of this budget is to look at the costs to compensate the team at an industry rate.
  • Budget Request: $4,500 in USDC+ $9,000 in $ROBOT (valued during price at end of month) per month.
  • Budget breakdown:
    • 61% Damaged Goods
    • 27% CPTNSkelator
    • 12% Logistics innovation and growth treasury
  • Long term vision: As the logistics volume begins to pick up, costs can be transferred from a monthly flat fee to a per package fee ( est. $1 in USDC + $0.50 in $ROBOT). This current model is mean to be a temporary placeholder to as the logistics duties and operations are further scoped out and defined.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Packing, shipping, and covering all product logistics
    • Shipping customer service trouble shooting
    • Logistics systems operations
    • packaging innovation and sourcing
    • KPI monitoring + shipping cost optimization
    • Handling inventory solvency

Keeping this short so I can update and edit this post after thoughts are given by the DAO

IMO doesn’t make sense to commit to a monthly budget with an open ended timeline, should be scoped to a specific time period, especially if its meant to be a placeholder. e.g. $X for 4 months with these specific deliverables on what the money is being spent on.

Additionally, if @DamagedGoods and @CPTNskeletor are compensated in this way, does that mean you wont be receiving compensation from things like Coordinape?

Lastly, for the responsibilities listed, it feels like 13.5k a month is a hefty cost to the DAO. The ROBOT amount denominated in USD isn’t going to work IMO, we need to account for it with specific amounts of ROBOT as a part of the distribution schedule.

I see no reason why we can’t just speedrun to the $1.50 per package now and make up for any fulfillment work that hasn’t already been compensated retroactively

I’m open to timelines and specific deliverables, but no one has specified what those look like. I’ve put a few things on the roadmap, but logistics is directly tied to volume/ sales goals, and currently we have none to go off of.

There’s currently no financial incentive for most of us to work at MetaFactory. I’ve earned around 1,000 $ROBOT for 9 months full time work, that’s a less than $20k. Receiving only $1.50 per shipment would give to the grand sum of around $100-$500 a month.

From a value perspective, I can earn more $ROBOT ( and have a more a stable income) by working for any other group and just buying $ROBOT on the market. This proposal was a way of trying to meet market standards. If we all have to take a huge financial sacrifice without any longer term upside or strategy for payment then MetaFactory will collapse from not being able to retain talent.

I feel that on the open timeline. I think a four month cap with reflection would be a great addition/remedy.

Im a bit confused why the coordinape question is just now being brought up after we’ve been talking about writing compensation proposals for the last 2 months. I dont know what we plan on doing there as it hasnt been answered/addressed by anyone.

I’d also like to bring up the value perspective. We are getting to a point where compensation doesnt make sense unless you’re sitting on huge bags/secure financials. I personally rely pretty heavily on metafactory to pay rent/survive. We are at risk of talent drain regardless of how passionate you are about metafactory.

With each attempt of a compensation “fix” it seems things get more confusing and broken…