Proposal: MF DAO x iROBOT Contribution Proposal

MF DAO x iROBOT Contribution Proposal


iROBOT DAO is a mechanism for coordinated purchasing of ROBOT token, by the community. It came about through the realization that a number of investors wanted to gain exposure to ROBOT, but at the current valuation, a large proportion of the treasury would need to be sold in order to make this happen.

A treasury diversifcation proposal would not benefit all ROBOT holders, only the treasury. iROBOT DAO addresses this as new investors are able to gain exposure to ROBOT over time, in a coordinated and controlled manner, and at an increasing valuation which is more viable.

The MetaFactory DAO currently uses revenue from merchandise sales to buy back ROBOT, by adding one-sided liquidity to the ROBOT/WETH Balancer pool.

More info on iROBOT DAO can be found in this tweet thread:


By contributing to the iROBOT DAO, the MetaFactory DAO will be aligned with the wider iROBOT community and will share in the upside of the DAO’s efforts to build ROBOT value.

Coordinating the MF DAO’s buyback with the iROBOT experiment is also the first time that a project’s treasury will participate in a fundraise alongside it’s own community.


We propose that the MetaFactory DAO contributes to iROBOT DAO from it’s existing treasury by adding WETH to iROBOT DAO.

The proposed amount to be contributed is: 69 WETH