Proposal: Reduce $ROBOT Buyer Rewards

This has been a subject discussed but haven’t moved on as of yet. With the finishing touches being done on Ops Distro #4 and crossing the 1.6 Milestone and $ROBOT Schedule, it would be a good time to act on it.

  • 42% back established as a bootstrapping mechanism.
  • The Milestone Sched reduces reward ratios and Ops Distro timelines on it’s revenue doubling model, so arguably paying contributors a bit less while buyer reward upside remains high, is prob counter intuitive now that MF is expanding and investing in MicroFactories and subDAO focused work groups.
  • This would take effect AFTER the upcoming Buyer/Designer Reward Distribution
  • From a “value prop” perspective, our quality standards on blanks/production continue to rise and the launch of wearables and more digitally native experiences should more than make up for “y less robit”
  • Also push to standardize more token distributions from our collaborating partners – i.e. $SUSHI $BANK etc

Assume that the best prop on this would be the following for Snapshot:

  1. Reduce to 30%
  2. Reduce to 20%
  3. Keep at 42%

Giveth thyne feedbackz


I like the idea and probably a decrease on the higher side makes sense given that we have wearables and some big things coming soon. If that weren’t the case I would lean towards a more gradual decrease for each milestone (i.e. 30% until $3.2M - 20% until $6.4M - 10% until $12.8M or something like that), but given that some key MF milestones are going to happen soon, I would favor going directly to 20%.


I like the idea of gradual via milestones. Can put that as 4th option.

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Also a fan of this. Definitely a good point on the contributor rewards shrinking yet the buyers reward stays quite high.

I do think its important to think about how this affects the selling point of MF merch especially the higher priced items. I know we all like to think quality is what sells everything but the buyers reward is also a huge proponent. Not really a critique, just something for us to think about and counter.

definitely needs to go to 30% or 25% now and float down all the way to 10-15% over the long term in my opinion

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For sure, though that survey claimed the rewards as a low deciding factor, it was a high concentration of MF faithful and most active peeps… for the greater community and crypto degens, can’t ignore the “copped it as an investment” mentality.

  • Reduce to 33%
  • Reduce to 22%
  • Reduce to 33% then to 22% at Milestone #5 (3.2m)
  • Keep at 42%

Eh? :thinking:

exactly my thoughts. I just know at all three IRL events we’ve done its been a huge sales point on our end for moving the more expensive product. Again just wanted to highlight this as food for thought.

I like these new options listed.

I feel like while ROBOT price is low is when we want to have it reduced as much as possible, so I would err on the side to making a bigger adjustment upfront now since its more of a “right now” problem.

IMO 20% feels like a good balance to me, less than half but still a meaningful amount.

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I vote to turn ROBOT to 33% then to 22% at Milestone #5 ( 3.2m)

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