Proposal: Robot Holder Rewards + Bounty Budget

Robot Holder Rewards + Bounty Budget

1. Tier Perks & Rewards Update

    • Min Tokens: 10 ROBOT / 0.5 iROBOT
    • Role + Access to :beers:|tavern
    • Access to $ROBOT Exclusive Physical & Digital Drops
    • Min Tokens: 100 ROBOT / 5 iROBOT
    • All Previous Perks+
    • Role + Access to :robot:|robo-hub chat
    • Discount: 5% off all new product drops
    • Drop Collab Priority (Must Meet MF Standards/Processes)
    • Min Tokens: 250 ROBOT / 10 iROBOT
    • All Previous Perks+
    • Role + Access to :llama:|alphabots chat
    • 24hr Early Access to Drops
    • Discount: 10% off all new product drops
      • Listed in “Credits” for MF Video Content?
      • VIP for all MF Physical & Digital Events?
    • Min Tokens: 1000 ROBOT / 42 iROBOT
    • Role + Access to :kaaba:|citadel
    • Discount: 25% off all new product drops
    • Create Snapshot Governance Proposals
    • Quarterly RoboBoard Meeting (Financials, KPIs, State of the DAO)
    • Min Tokens: 4200 ROBOT / 169 iROBOT
    • All Previous Perks+
    • Free Claim for all new product drops (Open Editions & Limited Editions > 10)
    • Role + Optional 100% Channel Access
    • Custom 1/1 Physical and Digital Commissions (2x annually)

Giveaways & Promotions (Immediate)

  • Random $ROBOT, Products, Store Credit and NFT raffles to product purchasers
    • Stretch Goal: Mystery Boxes packed in Robot Head boxes
  • Periodic Top Spenders Rewards
  • Random raffles for repping MetaFactory on socials w/ #MetaFactory $ROBOT
  • Periodic raffles in the token-gated channels w/ scaling rewards

2. Bounty + Rewards Budget Proposal

  • Fast-and-loose $ROBOT + Stable allocation for:
    • Smaller bounties and priority tasks to deploy with Dework for quicker compensation & onboarding
    • Lower cost production and experimental sampling (e.g. community creatored goods)
    • v2 Holder Rewards, Giveaways & Promotions

Amount: 500 $ROBOT + $1,000 USDC + $0.5 $ETH

  • Treasury Refills re-proposed only when funds are depleted with full review of first Epoch
  • Estimate that it will last ~3 months for Bounties + Rewards
  • MultiSig operated by Drew, NiftyFifty & DAOFREN (2/3)
  • MultiSig operators barred from earning from managed bounties


  • First $ROBOT Exclusive Drop to be the MF SnapBack “Drew” Hat dropping ASAP
  • Holder Discount Codes are generated per-product for the 3-tiers and shared in each token-gated Discord channel prior via early access (Robot Tier code shared day of sa)
    • Stretchgoal: Proper Shop/Site automation of discounts to holding status (ROBOT & iROBOT LPs)
  • NFTs: Wearable contract fork for updatable metadata
    • Build for scalability – Merkle drops claimable on MF dashboard / claims portal?
    • “Companion” collectibles for products with dope art can be per-product or hyper limited & raffled to buyers
    • Standard “frame” or structure as “patches” for the collectible NFTs
      • Allows for physical + NFT patches to amplify digiphysical + modularity goals (Adding digital patches to wearables being explored by M3. Limited run Patches done by Berlin.)
      • Collecting Patches = Future IRL events people can bring their patch collections and swag to have customized.
      • Can also offer exclusive patches/emroidery at point-of-sale as an à la carte option or exclusive to $ROBOT holders when applicable.

Upcoming Exclusives

  • Physical Robot LSD Framed Artwork (Edition of 100)
    • Mint the design as NFT
  • TheDaydreamBrand hand crafted keychains / patches
  • Fraemwerk Space Factory animated artwork NFT
  • Golden Robot Bolos

Tooling + Perks Stretch Goals

  • Token-multisender that is free for $ROBOT holders
    • Can also generate revenue from non-holders w/ a 0.01 ETH fee
  • Tools/utility can also be added by exploring partnerships for things that are already built
    • E.g. free access to The Defiant and Bankless paid newsletters or Messari, Nansen, etc

Closing: The Holder Rewards and Promotions can be adjusted and experimented with as needed, feedback wanted! Bounties can be proposed and suggested by anyone in the DAO, rapid conviction voting from contributors to get them listed. Cheers :beers: