Proposal: Seasonal Structure Transition

Seasonal Meta Proposal:

  • MetaFactory is a DAO and experimental brand acting as a “Factory of Factories” that can support flexibility and expansion via members and partners building ontop of/utilizing it’s physical production/fulfillment, tooling and digital infrastructure. With this identity it opens up a need to be highly malleable and I believe it could benefit from a structured Seasonal approach to catalyze more efficient transitions and improvements to the following:

    • Smoother adjustments to active contributor roster, core team and compensation mechanisms
    • Product Limited Edition supply caps for seasonal scarcity/collectability (themed product add-ons/inserts)
      • Seasonal Grails: e.g. MetaGear New Horizons jacket
      • Seasonal HaLo Passports FTW
    • $ROBOT and profit sharing standards for collaborating brands, designers, techs and seasonal contributors
    • Partner support rotation. e.g. Bankless collection support for a Season – adjust terms of production/design support, output and rates. Restrictions and DAO curation for in-bound to match active team bandwidth and prevent burnout and keep sustainable
    • The blank meta and production partner reviews/changes.
    • b2b service DAO rates and catalog adjustments. Scaling additional MF offerings like HaLo chip improvements and Day 1 wearables.
    • Defined budget contraints for IRL Events and other scoped projects/initiative with KPI reviews and retrospectives
    • $ROBOT holder & LP perks and rewards (physical & digital)
    • General tokenomic adjustments and investor opportunities
    • Highlighting and rewarding Robots that execute the dopest improvements and contributions to MetaFactory during a given season
    • Cleaner transitions for segmenting backend project managment and product databases
    • Visual and design adjustments to MetaFactory global themes (website, shop, 3D shop changes, wearable NFT aesthetics, etc)
    • Digital experiences: e.g. one Robot avatar drop per season designed for interop wearable support
    • Featured OM digital platform experiences: Webaverse Season, etc
    • Adjustments to our tools and resource meta for collaboration and optimal workflows
  • Timeline: This can be activated as a transition from Beta to Season 1 in Q1 2023. Alternatively, it could transition from Alpha to Beta for 6 months, with Season 1 beginning ~July 2023.

    • With the bear market and MetaFactory’s plan to be around perpetually rather than playing into the goldrush grifter bs we witnessed in 2021-2022, I think sustainable pacing and allowing ample time to refine MF-OS and the new standardized practices for collab drops, collection support and our b2b service dao offerings would be good. Don’t need to rush, touch some grass.
    • Season lengths could last 6 months or 1 year
    • “Season” could be replaced with a sexier term if it fits the concept and is clear

Please share any thoughts, feedbacks, additional pros, cons, etc :slight_smile:

Cheers Robots,
Daofren :robot:

I think it’s important to set some concrete goals or targets so we can start taking specific steps toward them. The ideas above are a great first step, and perhaps we could use them as a “menu” of options for people to contribute to (e.g Someone wants to help with production while someone else wants to help with tokenomics).

I like the idea of seasons, and while I agree that we don’t need to rush into it, I believe that the sooner we start acting, the better it’ll be in the long run. Also, maybe seasons can start off longer, and shorten as we iron things out. Especially on the compensation side, it’s much more efficient to track contributions made in, say, 3 months, than it is in 6 months.