Proposal to Sponsor MCON2

It’s that time of year again! MCON is asking for sponsors for their second annual event happening in Denver, Colorado on September 6-9.

From past experience, I have personally found MCON to be one of the most high value conferences that exists in to the crypto ecosystem including a variety of engaging, conversational-style talks by some of the most prominent leaders in the space with a primary emphasis on DAOs.

It has been proposed that MetaFactory join as a lead sponsor this year at $10,000 payable in DAI or USDC. Additionally, we should determine if MF is planning to hold another dedicated event / after party / pop up shop this year. We do need to remain budget conscious as we wade deeper into a bear market, but I wanted to put this to the DAO as the MetaCartel family has been tremendous supporters of the MF project and community since its inception.

Ideally, we need to make a decision and issue payment before end of June. Please share your thoughts.

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I love supporting the MetaCartel ecosystem, but unless our current NFT NYC event secures a small raise for us, I would have to vote down this project.

Until we can sponsor ourselves and our projects, I don’t think we should sponsor others.

But maybe we can sponsor in other ways than directly providing funds ( merch, events, stuff like that)

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