SourceCred Ops Distribution Dec 2021

Following up on Proposal #14, we have now finished tracking and voting on contributions for the remaining 5000 ROBOT to be distributed as a part of the Ops distribution for all contributions from July-Nov 2021 (cutoff = NFTNYC contributions). These can be seen in the Contribution Tracker.

The resulting ROBOT distribution is shown on this spreadsheet. If you were a contributor, please check it to verify your ETH address is correct within the next two days before we send out the distribution:

If there’s any issues or concerns anyone wants to raise with the distribution please share them here in the next 2 days. (Note that the total is higher than 5000 because there was some pending ROBOT not sent out from older distributions).

The distribution frequency and ease of tracking / reporting should get much better as we roll out our new and improved tooling (dashboard, profiles, better contribution tracker, etc)

Big thanks to all the contributors for all their hard work. MF in 2022 is gonna be incredible :robot:

EDIT: Distribution went out! Transaction Hash