Vaunker Genesis Sale ROBOT Allocation

The Vaunker Genesis sale is coming very soon, and here’s the proposed list of things you get as a Genesis member:

  • Exclusive Genesis Hoodie + digital wearable
  • Choice Of XXX, ONI Or RAD Shirt + matching face mask
  • 4200 $VAN + 42 $ROBOT Tokens For Every ETH Spent
  • Exclusive NFT
  • Access To Member Chat, Asset Library, 3D Models, Patterns, Icons + more

The sale will be run as a Dutch Auction starting at 6.9ETH and going down to 1ETH.

The main governance decision that needs to be made is for the 42 ROBOT tokens per ETH spent. Usually the buyer distributions are based on a dollar amount spent in the shop, but since this sale is priced in ETH we need to allocate the ROBOT based on ETH and not dollars.

This is slightly lower than the rate of ROBOT you earn from the shop at current ETH prices because the other perks for becoming a member are so strong (e.g. big portion of VAN tokens, exclusive NFTs, and the hoodie itself).

Feel free to discuss here and go vote on the official proposal here:


Looks good to me! :facepunch: :facepunch: :facepunch:


How many genesis items will there be? 42? I think as you said, there’s a ton of perks you get, so 42 ROBOT per ETH spent is fair enough, even if it’s slightly lower than what you’d get from the shop.

In any case:

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Yup, 42 genesis packs in total!


So keen! I would vote yes. But I put all put all my $ROBOT into the Liquidity Pool :joy: