VR Headset Hardware Grants

During the 12/2/21 community call we discussed the idea of doing a hardware grant for VR headsets. Within Metafactory is a working group that is focused on VR events and virtual productions.

If access to hardware is an obstacle I propose that we sponsor 5 Meta Quest 2 headsets to robots that post a comment in this thread on what they intend to use it for. They cost $200 refurbished on Walmart.com and $300 brand new.

Note: You will need a FB account currently (yuck) to use it. One of the employees said that sometime next year they plan to lift this restriction.

Note: New headsets are expected to release around Spring 2022, such as the Lynx R-1 (open source hardware). Can still expect a long lifespan with Quest 2, and it can also be linked to a PC and used with Desktop VR apps.


I hope I can use the VR headset play games. especially, enter first hot planet of metaverse. maybe it can let me see my house or assets of metaverse in the future.

  • Play around with creating MetaFactory content with Boomboxhead, Jin and M3 Squad
  • Follow Jin into some super heady underground rave you have to “follow the rabbit” or crack some Matrix-esque puzzle to find the location for and take digital drugs from strangers
  • Somnium Space x Gods of Hyperspace: Eloh Projects venture into digital experiences w/ a avatars, wearables and forging. Have been helping a bit and may have a MF crossover drop sometime in 2022
  • Will make admitting I still have an active FB account in the wild somewhat excusable

(I’ll snag one regardless and forfeit my entry if there’s heavy interest. I’m just cheap and 90% of my networth is in $robot and I’M NEVER SELLIN lol)

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I think it is a great idea to get others headsets, I just got one for myself and also Annie at IRLart in Denver. I would love to get others headsets that have interest in doing some virtual productions with us at MetaFactory. The more people with access the more content we can collab with in our Virtual Studio, also wearing MF Virtual Gear to promote MF gear. In general, I am looking to host a filmed meetup once a week and high lighting 2 things happening in the CryptoArt world. Or perhaps longer interviews with brands and artists behind the threads. Also want to host streamed art events, vr meets, and our usual meetups. If a team member had VR HMDs, you can sit with us on the set, help with production (camera operators) or be a guest on a show. Overall I think it is a good idea, and the grant would increase our VR “friend network” as well.


I would love to contribute to MetaFactory’s VR events:

  • Assisting the team creating Metaverse events & content
  • Prepping questions / scripts for interviews (if we decide to go the route of doing drop announcements & interviews)
  • Anything else that’s needed

This ROBOT is metaverse ready :slight_smile:


I’d love to get more experience with VR, learn some skills & help with content creation.

Already talking to Boombox about possibly doing a podcast.

Coming out for ETH Denver & hopefully moving next year.

Am pretty strapped for cash at the moment & wouldn’t have access to it otherwise.

I’ve acquired an HP reverb G2 headset for the VR team, first person to respond who needs it and has a capable PC to run things on it gets it :robot:

Laptop could handle at least at half-res, but hdmi 2.0b (think it’s no dice on DP 1.3)

PC… relic now. Time to upgrade.

Buidl Mah PC $ROBOT Bounty lol