iROBOT Season 2

iROBOT Season 2

After a successful launch and coorndation of iROBOT DAO, now :fire:_:fire: (alongside other active or interested new contributors/LPs!) want to expand this group into something more than just an on-chain mechanism.

As MetaFactory has grown there’s been a noticable gap between how MF is postioned in the wider ecosystem and how ROBOT is percieved. Expanding iROBOT into a sub-community (Or Sub-DAO!) of MetaFactory, focused on innovating and coordinating all aspects of the ROBOT token, allowing iROBOT DAO to report back to the wider community and act as a working group for the token.

This sub-DAO will be focused on researching and providing feedback on topics like:

ROBOT governance & token; Governance strucuture, usecase of ROBOT, how ROBOT evolves over time, ROBOT north star, exchanges, etc.
ROBOT liquidity; How ROBOT liquidity is managed (amounts, which chain, etc), incentivised (ROBOT rewards, exclusive drops, etc).
ROBOT diversifaction; How ROBOT should be diversified, sold, strategic rounds, etc.
ROBOT distribution; How many ROBOT tokens are being distributed, for what reasons, with what outcome.
ROBOT anaylsis; How ROBOT tokens are moving across the ecosystem, who is selling, buying. Drawing meaningful conclusions for the wider MF community.

iROBOT DAO will be incentivsed for owning these outcomes, in line with how wider MF contributors receive ROBOT for their work. Initally we have a budget of 1,200 ROBOT tokens (~$50,000) for iROBOT DAO contributors.

This post aims to act as a catalyst for the iROBOT & wider MF community members to develop a working group focused on all things ROBOT token. As well as setting the precedent that developing token specific working groups within DAOs like MetaFactory to the wider token world.

iROBOTs first sub-DAO call will take place at 3pm EST on the 10th of Feb, one hour before the MF core call.

  1. Any current Balancer v1 liquidity provider (GEAR holder) will need to migrate their liquidity in order to claim their additional ROBOT rewards (TBD) and officially join iROBOT Season Two.

(from iROBOT Season One Recap + Next Steps)

happy to migrate my GEAR, let us know when a snapshot’s taken

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Balancer potential for further alignment and boosted pool. Should jam with them at ETHDenver. We did some team hoodies for them, they have a DeFi Valentine event the 14th

I believe it was taken but I’m going to double check now

Confirmed. You’re clear to migrate whenever :beers: