MetaFactory to join $BASED Moonbase

Hi guies,

Quick note about marketing and community development for MetaFactory, have you considered sending a Rover to $BASED Moonbase?

I mean, the protocol is designed for deep culture interaction with partner projects : by launching a $ROBOT Rover, you can expect full media support, consistent meme action and spontaneous NFT production during a full year.

These links to learn more :

Based Protocol was fair launched and keys are burned. With Moonbase, it rallied many creatives who I am sure will be receptive to what MF has to offer.

Today we count Sushiswap, Snowswap, Amp or Gods Unchained among other partners. With aligned social and creative values, I believe it is a strong opportunity for $ROBOT.

Typically, projects allocate x% of their Marketing budget to joining the fun. It also work on a performance model with token unlock when reaching predefined milestones.

Would you like to move forward with this, I will help in bringing $ROBOT proposal to the Based Community.


This definitely sounds like a plan worth pursuing! How exactly does the cost structure work out for this? Curious to hear what others have to say but you have my approval to bring this to the BASED community!



Looking at $ROBOT issuance schedule, I believe set milestones can be turned as guideline for building Moonbase x MetaFactory proposal. Here is a plan that could work :

Steps to MetaFactory Success (Milestones) : 7

Full Rover Allocation : 12 420 (~ 25% OF DAO RESOURCES or 3% $ROBOT SUPPLY)

Rover Top-up schedule

Launch : 5% 621
Milestones 1 reached : 10% 1242
Milestones 2 reached : 10% 1242
Milestones 3 reached : 10% 1242
Milestones 4 reached : 12% 1490
Milestones 5 reached : 15% 1863
Milestones 6 reached : 18% 2135
Milestones 7 reached : 20% 2485

This kind of ramp up to ensure symbiotic growth and continuous engagement should be well received.

I compiled links and information from MF website to draft $ROBOT proposal, happy to push when we are set on allocation :slight_smile:

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I definately think that the proposal sounds like a good idea, although, im thinking that if 3% of $ROBOT supply goes to just one community alliance, then lets say we have another 2 that follow with a great opp like this? it would mean the budget would be possibly blown up considering that this is 25% of all DAO resources. In summary, the based community alliance is a great idea but unless im missing something, the allocation seems steep.

Thanks for this input @WIL-EJ, happy you like the idea :slight_smile:

What reference do you have in mind when it comes to DAO resources allocation ? Other communities ?

From my pov, MF’ milestones are pretty steep themselves, each requiring double the effort from the previous. In contrast, proposed Rover allocation goes much smoother, with 38% of funds being concentrated for the last two milestones (20% at the finish line). This is a fair and solid incentive for the long run.

We have three years max and a couple of mills in sales to get to this point. Before then, the Rover allocation are always less than 20% of DAO’s milestone’resources (starting with low 5%), which leaves a lot of room for other initiatives.

At the end of the day, this proposal gets MF full $BASED escort at reasonable 10k $ROBOT price with a cool 20% success fee and it only takes 621 $ROBOT to launch.

Should we go for it ?

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Seeing it from this angle i.e. starting with low 5% and 621 to launch is very reasonable. Not to mention the massive 20% success fee meaning that the better they do, the more valuable the 20% becomes (20% of $100 vs 20% $1,000,000).

I had no refrence i was basing it soley on the % of the total, i.e. comitting 75% of all resources to 10 tweets wouldnt be by refrence it would be by logic.

In summary, I like the breakdown you have given and you have my vote :robot:


Awesome work @volt46!

Reading this proposal and thinking about our past, present and future Moonbase partners, I think this opens up an opportunity for other projects in the Moonbase ecosystem to align themselves with MetaFactory as well.

I can see Sushi hoodies, Badger blankets and more getting created.


I volunteer as Based escort tribute <3


Indeed the synergies are tremendous, as alpha as it can get :sunglasses:


Definitely! We have some sushi and badger stuff planned so it would be nice to distribute some of that responsibility out.

It would be good to get an idea of what we can expect, i.e. is meme production and shilling the main responsibility, or can we expect actual apparel designs and coordination with other projects at the operation level to get product designs done and cool experiments being built out. (E.g. unlock Badger gear by staking on Badgers platform, or lock up 1000 $BASED for a year to unlock a legendary BASED hoodie, etc)


Jeez man, got me hooked ! Such an enriching perspective, love where you are going with this :slight_smile:

Indeed meme production and shilling is the most basic premise for any moonbase partnership, what you describe is like 3rd degree symbiosis, very meta !

I honestly don’t see any reason why we wouldn’t get there : it seems only natural for the Moonbase ecosystem to breed such incentives. In fact, not all partners can pretend to build upon such synergies, results might just blow our minds.

So Yes, if $ROBOT enters Moonbase, expect our community to provide overall support for MetaFactory curation game + further help with building any kind of reinforcing features. Looking forward !

Moving on, is everyone okay with this proposal? Shall I put it up to Based snapshot for a vote ?

If it passes, Ghouls will help to deploy $ROBOT Rover quickly. Then we can sit down and start the experience :wink:

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Sorry if I’m slow but I’m confused about the cost structure here. MetaFactory pays 25% of it’s DAO ops budget, is that correct?


This kind of based stuff (see thread)

With >80% of potential revenue coming from reaching out to the right communities, what’s at stake here actually makes this proposal ridiculously under priced, esp. when you realize there is no Moonbase equivalent out there.

Eager to start, what do we do @METADREAMER ?

I think we can start by discussing this on the ROBOT call this Thursday and putting it up to official vote by ROBOT holders so we have community buy-in. The main thing that isn’t 100% clear right now is what exactly each milestone corresponds to and what the metric for success is. If you could edit the original post with some more details on that it would be great and make it a lot easier to come to a decision!

can you cut the used car salesman approach and actually explain why 3% of all robot should go towards some memes?


Does it help putting it this way ?

PIP: Launch $ROBOT x Based Protocol Partnership [$ROBOT Rover Vault contract]

Category: Marketing / Communication / Content creation / Social Media support

Scope: Partnership to gain outreach, support & exposure as part of a growing DeFi ecosystem.

Status: Pending


  • Explain what Based protocol is as a content provider for its DeFi Ecosystem.
  • Receive approval of $ROBOT token allocation to be vested for Based community through Rover Vault Contract


Moonbase is the original DeFi protocol empowering communities to generate compound revenue. It is a place where producers, artists and entrepreneurs capitalize on sheer creative force to reach new heights.

Rovers are deployed by $BASED partner-projects as an incentive for the $mbBASED community to endorse them. These rovers catalyze growth, fostering alignment and collaboration within the ecosystem.


How Rover Contracts work :

To incentivize the based community to support MetaFactory in every phase of its development, the proposal allocates up to $ROBOT 12 420 for continuous support

The goal is to help $ROBOT community growth through content sharing and production, including :

  • Meme & NFT production
  • Ongoing PR actions


Looking at $ROBOT issuance schedule, sales milestones can be turned as guideline for building Moonbase x MetaFactory proposal. Here is a plan that could work.

Steps to MetaFactory Success (Sales Milestones) : 7

Full Rover Allocation : 12 420 (~ 25% OF DAO RESOURCES or 3% $ROBOT SUPPLY)

Rover Top-up schedule
Launch : 5% 621
100k Total Sales : 10% 1242
200k Total Sales : 10% 1242
400k Total Sales : 10% 1242
800k Total Sales : 12% 1490
1,6M Total Sales : 15% 1863
3,2M Total Sales : 18% 2135
6,4M Total Sales : 20% 2485

Next Step:
Community call (Thursday 31st)

Came across this guy’s testimonial on some other forum, kindda sums it all :

I have a few questions about this.

  1. What are successful campaigns you have run previously meaning specific content that has gone viral and made a positive impact on a project’s metrics? $BASED has good memes but you are also one of the lowest cap rebase tokens meaning it doesn’t translate to product success.

  2. What is the target audience for your campaigns? MF is kinda lowkey but we def have a lot of traction and awareness in the market already. Would you guys be targeting returning customers for new sales or entirely new customers? What is your plan for either of those?

  3. I am also curious about the large amount of $ROBOT being requested. Why this amount? Are you basing it on USD value and expected time commitments? Seems quite expensive given the lack of details on your side and the increasing success we already have.

  1. Partners have not shared meaningful metrics yet and we don’t provide service to monitor your social data. We focus on the creative part and info relay for the ecosystem. Good metric to track our product success in our case is Rover TVL : today it is well beyond 120k across 5+ major partners such as Sushiswap, Snowswap, Coin(_artist) and more closin’ in.

  2. We reach Crypto and Creative communities alike, spreading content via Twitter and Discord. Some know MF, most don’t. It’s about evangelizing more than direct sales, attracting the talents, making content and spreading MF news in growing network of communities/brand targeted by MF. The proposed milestones are to fit overall growth plan and justify solid reward if things go viral (turning exp profit).

  3. Present proposal includes full road to 6,4M Sales partnership. We work on simpler timeframe with other project (yearly allocation). I don’t expect 6.4M target to be reached so quickly to be honest but we know how hype and trends are. Since there is this chance for better adjustment it just feels organic and fair to plan along success.

Many projects allocate 20%+ of their supply for marketing purpose and incentives only. Is 3% really a “large” allocation for MF ?

Truly I admire your confidence in MF increasing success, please let us know the metrics and what makes you think it will sustain 60x current sales. In any case, it is wise to invest when things are flowing rather when hitting some pitfall.

So you have no way of showing what work you’ve done? Forgetting metrics (obv important) is there a single viral tweet or something that had clear positive sentiment and second order impact? TVL isn’t a good metric, it just says how much you’re getting paid not how effective you are.

3% is large to go to a single vendor with no strong value prop or track record. I’m pretty sure we already play FLOC more than you are asking for (in terms of USD at current $ROBOT price) on top of their actual $ROBOT allocation.

Maybe I’m only skeptical cause I farmed and dumped $BASED and never looked back (though I keep up with the project) but this proposal doesn’t seem valuable to me.