Multisig Signers Re-Election

We first elected multisig signers back in October 2020 and a lot of things have changed since then. Core contributors have gotten busier and new contributors have joined the MetaFactory DAO.

In an attempt to improve the overall efficiency of the DAO processes, we should look to improve the timeliness of the transactions executed by our treasury. That’s why I propose we re-elect multisig signers.

Ideally, we want signers that are active and involved with the DAO’s operations (so they can easily verify the validity of payment requests happening on Utopia) as well as be responsive and easy to reach.

If you’re up to the task and believe you can manage the responsibility, respond below with a quick summary to nominate yourself, or nominate others who you believe should be signers by tagging them.


I will shamelessly nominate myself for the following reasons:

  • I’ve been a multsig signer since the beginning and have signed a great number of our transactions already.
  • I’ve been actively handling payment requests and seeing to their timely execution.
  • I’m familiar with both Gnosis Safe and Utopia.
  • I’m involved in the governance of MF through my participation in Snapshot votes.
  • I’m responsive and very easy to reach both on Discord and Telegram.


  • MetaDreamer
  • Drew
  • Sinkas
  • Penguin
  • Sky

Can keep the same crew and just add 2 or so more core team members to expedite efficiency a bit (unless any of the OGs prefer to pass the mantle)

Regarding potential new nominations if they accept the responsibility:

  • NiftyFifty
  • Jin
  • Milfdad
  • Weseeclearly

I’m also happy to hop on there.

Most efficient would be 3 of 5 quorum from a very responsive squad, or alternative would be 4 of 7.

I think a 3-out-of-5 would be the best since we want to emphasize efficiency and speed - security is already there, no need to do anything crazy.

My personal recommendation would be:


I’d say keep MetaDreamer, Drew and yourself. If Penguin and Sky still want to be on there and are responsive, we’re gucci to just continue as is. If not, just do a swap on one or both of them :man_shrugging:

I started the proposal because we’re usually days (if not weeks) late at signing transactions. I’m not against keeping the current crew, but perhaps we could add 1 or 2 additional signers to expedite efficiency.

Adding someone who’s usually responsive and available can make executing transactions less of a headache. Especially with some transactions failing and having to be remade and resigned.